4 Key Women’s Fashion Statements In 2022 

So far, 2022 has been a very interesting year, especially with fashion. There have been extensively quirky yet everyday styles that combine basics and elaborate pieces to achieve modern yet statemental outfits that can be pulled off by almost everyone.

There have been many instances where comfort has been the main idea instead of aesthetics which is most commonly the case. Working with oversized clothes, athleisure, and more has been a major part of fashion this year. Apart from that, there have been others that left an impact too. Here are our top 4 picks which we thought were worth your attention.

High necks

Not too elaborate, yet stylish because of the unique neck design, this has been very much appreciated by designers around the world. With very minimal attention to fabric, most of these dresses are rather basic, made eye-catching with a high neck pattern like a turtle neck. Paired with proper accessories like a good pair of heeled boots or gold jewelry, this can be that classy multitude look you might have been looking for.

Oversized clothing

This idea is prone to be popular for at least a few years now, thanks to the unbelievable level of comfort it bestows upon the wearer. Currently, even pajamas are highly appreciated when paired with appropriate complementary pieces. You can look across different platforms like this site, where you can find interesting options which you can work with.

Image credits: Pixabay

Moreover, oversized jackets and sweaters have also been stealing the spotlight lately. With a unique charm, the combination of an outfit with an oversized bomber jacket or even a trenchcoat tends to look pleasing to the general eye, which is very practical and comfortable as well.

Blazers, but make them micro

Rather than the oversized trend that has been going around lately, the polar opposite is also starting to get quite the spotlight. In this case, instead of a right-sized one, stylists tend to go with a size smaller than usual, fitted tightly for a slender and lean look. This gives the wearer a more slim and tailored look if that is your niche. These blazers can be confidently paired with any classy bottom of your choice, like a pencil skirt, miniskirt, slim pants, and more.


With patterned suits, which were on fire last year, the current alternative is the elaborately tailored catsuits, which are focussed on highlighting your physique and silhouette.

There are now interesting patterns that make this piece of clothing very much out of the ordinary and could be the best way to stay fresh. On the other hand, a good solid-colored catsuit can be a very appropriate choice for formal events where you can easily steal the show.


To wrap things up, keeping up with the trends in fashion can be a good thing to do in order to stay relevant and relatable. However, one must not forget the core aspects of fashion, which is to stay true to one’s ideals and not to make decisions that are too out of the way. That being said, have fun shopping in the coming days, as you keep these trends in mind!