3 Engagement Ring Styles That Are Hot in 2021

2021 is a new year and engagement season is going to last 12 months long. After last year essentially put a freeze on weddings, many people made the decision to hold off on this next chapter of their life. Why hold a wedding if we can’t celebrate with the people we love? Why start our engagement if we can’t even plan a wedding? Why buy a ring now if we don’t even know when I’m going to propose? But 2021 is bringing new life. Vaccines are being distributed and restrictions are being lifted – and this means engagement season is back in full swing. Let’s take a look at the top engagement ring styles for 2021.

French Set Halo Engagement Ring

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The Halo is back and better than ever. What makes the halo style setting so great is that it really makes the ring sparkle. The center stone will shine bright, but the stones in the halo that surround it make the ring look bigger and brighter. This setting will be one of the most popular in 2021. It’s simple, but still with a flair for the dramatic. There’s nothing not to love about this engagement ring.

Cushion Cut Cathedral Set Engagement Ring

The cushion cut diamond set on a cathedral, solitaire setting is a classic that will be seen everywhere in 2021. The cathedral setting raises the stone from the ring to make it more prominent. It creates a cathedral-like pedestal (hence the name) and is perfect to set a cushion cut diamond right on top. The squared off shape compared to a round-cut diamond give this engagement ring the unique feel 2021 calls for.

East to West Three Stone Engagement Ring 

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The emerald cut diamond in the three stone setting is a vintage look that is ready for it’s comeback. A three stone setting is exactly what it sounds like, your center stone, with two smaller stones flanking it on the sides. This ring also has side stones wrapping around the edge giving it just enough balance to properly juxtapose the emerald and round cut diamonds making up the three primary stones of the ring. To solidify that vintage look, find it in rose gold. 

With 2021 here and the weather getting warmer we want to hear – what style of engagement ring are you most looking forward to seeing? These three are a few of the hottest trends we see on the horizon, but as we know engagement rings are personal. Do you see yourself going with one of these trendy picks?