23 Creative Nails Tutorials

Painting your nails and then forgetting about it is passé. You have to think creatively in order to enhance them now. What about some spectacular nail art that will make your friends go green with envy? No, it is not a complicated process at all and can be done with relative ease once you get the hang of it. There is no need for expensive nails tutorials too! All you require is a little patience and some time on your hands.

It is best to start with the simplest form of nail art once you make up your mind to try it yourself. Creating tiny dots or adding a few studs to your long, beautiful nails is going to add to their attractiveness as well. However, you must be careful not to set your mind on the most complicated design right at the beginning. A step-by-step approach serves the best when it comes to nail art.

Most DIY tutorials for nails recommend the glitter look which requires painting your nails with alternate layers of sheer and glitter. Dry them off and you are done! Show off your glittering nails to your friends and wallow in their praise for hours. Ninja turtle nails and Halloween nails are great fun too. All you have to do is add dots and dashes imaginatively and you are blessed with the cutest nails ever. What about Halloween though? Can your nails scare too? Sure they can, once you finish painting them with scary dots and designs in garish colors.

Graduating on to the intermediate and advanced stages is a cakewalk. You will not need many days to do so, provided you have a steady hand. The neon light glitter, zebra nails and perfect stripes in multicolor require some practice but you are liable to pass with flying colors once you take your nails tutorials seriously. Oh, I  wrote an essay about nails and I didn’t even notice. Let’s check them out and get inspired.

Music Notes Nail Art

video tutorial

DIY Nails (15)

Mustachioed Nails


DIY Nails (16)

Colorful Clouds


DIY Nails (17)

Nails On Fire!


DIY Nails (18)

Quaint Designer Nails


DIY Nails (19)

Band Aid Your Nails


DIY Nails (20)

French Stones On Nails


DIY Nails (21)

Shiny Party Nails


DIY Nails (22)

Peacock On Nails


DIY Nails (23)

Cute Argyle Nail Art


DIY Nails (1)

Blue N White: Pacific Nails


DIY Nails (2)

Zig Zag In Red N White


DIY Nails (3)

Complex Creation


DIY Nails (4)

Nail Divided!


DIY Nails (5)

Different Strokes For different Nails


DIY Nails (6)

Feather Nail Art


DIY Nails (7)

Red Peacock Feather


DIY Nails (8)

Modern Nail Art


DIY Nails (9)

Penguin peeking Out From Nail


DIY Nails (10)

Glitterati On Nails


DIY Nails (11)

Black Is Beautiful


DIY Nails (12)

Pastel Combination


DIY Nails (13)

Butterfly Ready To Take Wing


DIY Nails (14)