15 Cute Caviar Nail Designs

Decorating your nails with the help of beads is a hit, and you do not have to be a pro to do it the right way. Check out the 15 Cute Caviar Nail Designs. For festive occasions, go for silver, gold or black beads for a more polished look. For every day occasions you can choose more colorful ones and make your nails cheerful. You’re going to love them cause they are extravagant, feminine and have a 3D effect. Here are some tips for you if you have decided to give this gorgeous manicure a try.

Apply one coat of nail polish and let it dry. This layer does not even have to be perfectly buttered. Then apply one more coat of polish, and while not yet dried, place the nail surface to scattered beads in a box or on a plate. In this way, the polish plays the role of a glue. Repeat the process with each finger. After you do all this, make sure you press the beads with one of your fingers to stick them harder on your nails. In this way your manicure will last longer. And remember not to do anything in the next 15-20 minutes in order the manicure can dry well.

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Scroll through the photos, find your favorites and recreate the looks. These nail arts are fun and easy to do. Plus, the caviar manicure is reported to be easily removed from the nail, actually just like any other nail polish. So, Divas there is nothing that can stop you from rocking the caviar manicure. Do it and watch the compliments rolling in!

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