10 Interesting Facts about Beauty


Why is the beauty so important? If you ask people what they consider beautiful about a person, lots of them will probably speak about someone’s appearance and start describing physical characteristics. And only rarely someone would say that she/he finds a person attractive because of his/her sense of humor, courage, generosity, and other personal qualities. But in this article, we are not going to discuss these viewpoints, because it’s not a compare and contrast essay sample. We have gathered here some amazing facts about beauty that may surprise you or inspire you to make a further investigation.

The Left Side of a Face is Prettier

According to a study conducted by psychologists, college students who were asked to choose attractive photos among 10 male and 10 female faces, reported that the photos that presented the left sides of human faces were more appealing than the photos that showed the right sides.

Attractive People Have Higher IQs

Researchers from London School of Economics monitored physical appearance and academic intelligence of more than 17,000 people in Britain. They have found out that good-looking people have higher IQ than average people. Attractive women scored 11.4 points above the average in their IQ tests while handsome men have IQ which is 13.6 points higher.

The Price of Being Beautiful

A survey conducted in 2010 revealed that on average, women spend about $13,000 on makeup in their lifetime. Besides, they usually spend about 330 hours to apply it.

A Vanishing Shade

All babies are usually born with blue eyes. The real color of their eyes develops in the first early years of life as sunlight triggers melanin production. Speaking about adults, only about one-sixth of them have naturally blue eyes. This number is decreasing due to intermarriage and immigration.

Interesting Facts about Hair

  • Dry human hair feature greater tensile strength than the same size strand of nylon
  • According to genetics, there are only two types of human hair – curly and straight. When a person carries two types of those genes, the result is wavy hair.
  • The rarest natural color of hair for human beings is red hair. Children with red hair are born when both parents carry the recessive redhead gene. Still, evolutionary biologists believe that redheads won’t go extinct soon.
  • Natural blonds have about 140,000 hairs on their heads which is more than in people with other colors of hair: brunettes have 110,000, people with black hair – about 108,000, and redheads have only 80,000.

Men Like Women with Child-like Faces

When choosing features of a beautiful woman, men prefer adult women with proportions of young girls, including fuller lips and a shorter distance from the chin to the eyes.

People Seek Partners Who Look Like Their Parents

Psychologists found that women tend to choose partners who resemble their father and men are likely to marry women who look like their mothers. In other words, people tend to be attracted to other people who just resemble their parent of an opposite sex. This is especially true when they had good relationships with their parents, maybe, because they remind them faces of dear people that they saw when growing up.

Attractive People Are Happier

Scientists think that beautiful people feel happier because it is partly connected to economic benefits. Good-looking people usually earn more money and marry attractive and higher-earning spouses than people who are less attractive.

What Does Ideal Face Look Like?

Scientists believe that they now know the dimensions of an ‘ideal’ face. The key measurements are the distances between mouth, eyes, and ears. The female face is considered to be perfect when a distance between the pupils makes 46 percent of the entire face, and a distance between the mouth and the eyes is 36 percent of the distance from the chin to the hairline. The researchers calculated that these proportions correspond to an average face. The study referred to only white women so researchers don’t think that their findings can be applied to other groups.

Beautiful People Earn More Money

According to the study conducted in 2005, tall, slim, and attractive people tend to earn higher wager than less attractive people. Psychologists believe that attractive people are more confident and have better communication skills and that can boost productivity.