Different sources that improve your writing skills

The writing is one of the media most in any language and English is no exception. While it is necessary to have a rich vocabulary and pronounce the words as they should be pronounced, if we do not have the best writing skills in the Anglo-Saxon language, it is likely that we will not be able to make ourselves understood with our interlocutors.

Nowadays, knowing English opens many doors, both in the labor field and in the academic and personal fields. However, it is not enough just to talk about it. Being able to communicate in written form with correct spelling and syntax is essential.

The English writing is, like all writing, an art that must be exercised to perfect. If we seek to express ourselves with complete ease, without being tied to our limitations of vocabulary or syntax, it is necessary to deepen our knowledge in the language.

Communicating in English can be done by anyone, but writing in different styles, generating deep content and finding the right words for what you want to express is not an easy task. To achieve this, it is vital to learn some grammatical, pragmatic and stylistic questions and start practicing to improve day by day.

Thinking of those who seek to improve their writing in English is that from Universia we selected some essential websites to improve the skills in this communicative field and to expand the academic and professional horizons. So take advantange of the internet and educate yourself but remember to use an EdTech VPN to stay safe! 

Grammar Book

It is a platform that contains numerous online resources to learn more about the grammar of the Anglo-Saxon language.

It contains rules on syntax, spelling and punctuation, among other tools, which are very useful for those who want to know the language in depth and improve their writing skills.


This website is an editing program used to edit English texts of up to 3000 words. It is a software used by professionals in the language that allows you to see what can be improved in each text.

It shows suggestions for improving syntax, eliminates concordance and orthographic errors, and reveals some synonyms to replace words and improve our style.


One of best site for essay writing and have top writer for writing your assignments. They provide best essay writing service at very reasonable rates and within the mention time frame. Each writing assignment is written by a completely qualified essay writer who specializes in your required topic.


It is one of the best online resources to improve English vocabulary and correct mistakes. It works like a word processor where errors are marked and synonyms are displayed to enrich the vocabulary.

This tool allows you to download a Chrome extension for free and is responsible for checking all emails, messages on social networks and all content that is written in English.


It is a tool that is especially responsible for improving the readability of texts in English, a question that few people take into account when improving their language skills.

It proposes readability scales and suggests changes to make the text more clear and understandable. With this resource any content can be optimized to facilitate communication between sender and receiver, or even to make it more pleasant.

Hemingway App

A resource that cannot be ignored by those who seek to improve their writing in English. Hemingway App processes different texts in the language and analyzes the utterances, the mode, and the voices in which it is expressed and the kinds of words used to suggest modifications and optimize the text.

It also contains a tool that measures readability to know if the structure of the content is the best or should be modified.

Other online resources to improve you’re writing skills in English:


It is an online editor designed to make your text as clear and direct as possible. Using a color code, this tool indicates too long sentences, adverbs that could be avoided and words too complex, with their corresponding suggestions.


How “readable” is your text? This tool awards a score from 0 to 100 to your material, depending on how easy it is to read. You just have to copy and paste your text.


A thesaurus to make sure your vocabulary is as rich and successful as possible.


Reading is essential to have good writing. This service allows you to access different books at any time and place.

 Essay Mama

Is it costing you to write an essay? Essay Mama is an online agency dedicated to assisting those who need help with their writing. Professional writers who work in this company provide a personalized service, as well as the site offers articles, info graphics and other materials to improve writing.

 Learning Path

This site offers a selection of free online courses that you can take to improve your writing skills.

 Grammar Girl

In an entertaining and entertaining way, this site offers tips and advice to improve your grammar, vocabulary and syntax in English.

 Daily Writing Tips

As its name indicates, this website offers daily tips to strengthen writing skills.

 English Style Guide
this is a style guide based on the manual used by the newspaper “The Economist”.

 Common Errors in English
Here you can find the most common errors in the use of the English language, as well as a detailed explanation of each and strategies to avoid them.