York’s Little Festival of Live Music: A Festival with a Difference

As spring starts to breathe life back into the world, it’s time to look forward to the festival season! Get your wellies ready for a far-out weekend at one of the UKs biggest festivals. But – and here’s the tricky part – which festival should you go to? Each festival has its own personality, its own rhythm and its own clan of people and music followers.

Are you into techno music? Metal? Pop? Are you looking for a festival with comedy tents and a family friendly vibe? Or maybe you’re looking for a festival with 24 non-stop raves and guest DJ sets that test your party stamina?

Experiment with small festivals

Sometimes the best musical festival experiences are at smaller events. Think about it, big festivals are great, but listening to music in more intimate surroundings guarantees that you feel closer and more connected to the artists and their words. Big festivals are a great spectacle, but smaller festivals provide more one-on-one interaction.

There’s an extraordinary amount of smaller one-day music festivals in the UK for you to explore. They are a great way to discover new emerging artists, whilst also keeping your bank balance from crying.

Today, we’d like to show you a music festival with a difference. This festival may be small, but it more than makes up for it with its huge soul and love of folk music. Bring it back to basics with help from York’s Little Festival of Live Music.

York’s Little Festival of Live Music

York’s Little Festival of Live Music is a down to earth musical showcase of folk musicians from around Yorkshire. On March 4th 2017 get yourself down to the Black Swan Inn, Peasholme Green for a day of acoustic musical wonder.

What gives this event a fresh perspective is its all-woman line-up.

Having a female focused line-up establishes a powerful sense of community between those who may feel unheard or underrepresented in the folk/acoustic music scene. It also creates a haven for women to discuss, celebrate and question issues through the power of music.

The line-up this year includes Heather Findlay, Holly Taymar, Gracie Falls, Rachel Croft, Sarah Dean – and many, many more!

And it’s only a suggested donation of a fiver to get in!

Get on a pair of your favourite women’s brogues shoes and tap your toes away to some of the best folk/acoustic music on the scene.

Festival Tips From The Top! 
Charge your phone before you go. Some bigger festivals have charging stations but they are often hard to find! Not being able to contact any of your friends at a festival can be scary.Festival tips from the top!

Here are some quick tips to consider before diving head first into musical mayhem this festival season!

  1. Heels are great, but maybe invest in some good women’s casual shoes (check out the Mr Shoes online store for some inspiration) before heading off to your festival extravaganza. Heels will KILL your feet and you want to be able to dance, move and feel comfortable during your festival experience.
  2. Always have a bottle of water with you. It’s easy to get dehydrated at a festival, especially if it’s a weekend long event.
  3. Buy your tickets as early as possible. The rule is: the earlier you get them, the cheaper they will be. Some festivals also have early-bird tickets releases, which will be even cheaper.
  4. Make sure you know what day tickets are released! Bigger festivals will run out of tickets like (clicks fingers) that! You need to be on the ball and get them asap.
  5. Organise accommodation. Maybe you’re getting into the spirit of things and camping, maybe your ‘glamping’ or maybe you want to rent a nearby location so you can get some R and R when you’re away from the festival site. Either way, you have to make sure you plan all plans in advance.