What your perfume says about you

Did you know that what kind of perfume you wear could actually be saying a lot more than just what scent you like? Your fragrance can be a good indicator for personality traits, interests, activities you like, or the mood you’re in. For many years, advertisers have been selling us the idea that perfume speaks, even if you do not. Some famous ones over the years include “dangerously sweet”, “every woman has two sides” or this one “are you on the list?” clearly conveying the exclusivity of the brand.

But what does your scent say about you?

Citrus scents are very clean. Think of someone who is incredibly put together and organized. They work out in the morning, having a green veggie smoothie and head out to their job, with plenty of time to spare, of course. The scent itself is very crisp and clean, there is little frill associated with citrus scents and therefore they tend to be tied to no-nonsense, confident kind of people.

Floral perfumes scream traditional. Flowers have been historically associated with perfume and you see no need to change that. Think cookie-baking, champagne-drinking, perfect housewives who have a strong sense of femininity and are still casual and down to earth. Think fresh and pretty, like a spring flower!

Spicy or musky scents that are deep and warm give the impression of cool chicness. You wear a signature red lipstick and enjoy living the Spanish life: dinner never before 10pm, late nights and no such thing as an “early morning”. Your keywords are sultry and sensual and you always leave a lasting impression.

Woody scents are for those effortlessly chic ones living among us. Like the citrus-scent wearers, you are a no-nonsense kind of woman, but with more bold qualities. Telling the truth, even if someone doesn’t want to hear it is the way you roll, but people appreciate it deep down. Woody scents are modern, but minimal with a feminine-meets-masculine personality.

Fruity perfumes exude a bubbly, flirty vibe. Bath and Body Works is your go-to shop, and anything that doesn’t smell as though you just picked it off a tree is definitely not what you’re looking for. Fruity scent wearers are super social that are open and friendly, and always love a good cocktail party.

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