What To Wear When Moving: A Mover’s 4-Step Guide Dress Code

You’ll have a lot of things on your plate once you decide to move. For starters, you have to scout through several moving companies or movers NYC, and assess which among these movers perfectly fit your needs and budget. You’ll also have to pack your valuables, keep an eye on all of your moving boxes during moving day and decorate your new house to feel like home.

Moving is already time-consuming and stressful, but wearing the wrong clothes on your moving day can make the task more challenging. Wearing inappropriate clothing will make it hard for you to move around, causing delays and a lot of stress. Wearing clothes that are too tight can interfere with your movements and can possibly lead to injuries.

If you want to lessen the stress in moving, make sure to wear the following on your moving day:

1. Look for breathable fabrics

As mentioned, you’ll have to work on several tasks even during your moving day. Aside from packing and cleaning your new house weeks before the actual moving day, you still have to supervise the movers and ensure that all of your moving boxes are loaded in their trucks.

If you don’t want to bathe in your own sweat as you’re completing all of these tasks, opt to wear clothes made from breathable fabrics on your moving day. Make sure that your clothes made from cotton are prepared for your moving day.

Aside from regulating your body temperature, wearing clothes made from breathable fabrics can also prevent skin irritations and allergies. This is important, especially for people who have very sensitive skin.

2. Choose close-fitting clothes

Your safety is on the line whenever you’re moving. With the number of tasks you’ll have to accomplish during moving day, one wrong move can become the reason why you’ll suffer from injuries. A single injury can delay a move that has been planned for months.

Steer away from this direction by wearing close-fitting clothes on your moving day. Wearing loose jeans or shirt might be comfortable, but these can increase your chances of suffering from an accident. These clothes can cause slip and fall accidents, or even tangle in some of your most prized valuables.

You can protect yourself and your valuables once you choose to wear close-fitting clothes. Make sure that these clothes aren’t too fit, and still allow you to move with ease.

3. Skip wearing new or branded clothes

Clothes are investments. Regardless of the brand and quantity, buying clothes will always require money from your pocket. The more popular a clothing brand is, the more expensive its price tag is.

If you don’t want your investment to go down the drain, skip wearing new or branded clothes on your moving day. Since your schedule will be hectic on this day, you might end up tearing your shirt or stain your pants. Seeing any of these damages to your new or branded clothes can be heartbreaking.

Prevent these from happening by wearing some of your casual yet comfortable clothes when moving. Moving to another location isn’t about highlighting your body’s curves or showing off your brand new shirt, so pack these clothes in your moving boxes instead.

Although a white blouse made from lace will look good on you, wearing it on your moving day isn’t appropriate. Because this fabric is too delicate, you’ll be too conscious about your blouse rather than focusing on the tasks at hand.

4. Pay attention to the season

The clothes you wear when moving should be comfortable. It’ll be hard to carry your moving boxes or monitor how the moving company is doing if your clothes are too tight, too loose, or too itchy.

The time of the year when you’re going to move can also influence your comfort when moving. Wearing lightweight clothing during the winter months or thick coats in summer can make your move inconvenient and stressful. The clothes you wear on your moving day should always match the season.

What You Wear Counts

You’ll have a long list of to-do during your moving day, but this doesn’t mean that you should disregard your dress code. On the contrary, you should pay attention to what you’re wearing as this can significantly impact your mobility and progress on your moving day.

Use this article as your guide so you can be productive yet fashionable on your moving day. You’ll be surprised how wearing the right clothes can make your life easier as a mover!