What Goes First? Check The Proper Makeup Routine Order

Should I apply foundation first? Or, the concealer? I bet that you have had these doubts. The skin care routine requires a proper order. If you are thinking about which should go first, then we have a helpful post for you. Check these tips and find out which is the Proper Makeup Routine Order!



The most important part of your daily routine is the preparation. If you are short of time in the mornings, then you can just hold onto this step. This step consists of cleaning the skin and preparing it for applying makeup.The oil buildups on the skin should be removed. In the opposite, they can clog the pores and cause acne. That’s why this is the most important thing that you must not forget in the morning.

  • Wash your face

Use a mild face washing product to clean the skin. Stop using a product if it leaves your skin too dry.This can mean that the formula is too strong for your skin.

  • Moisturize

When you get rid of the nasty buildups on your skin, it is time to give it a refresh. This is the time when you use the moisturizer. You will be amazed on the difference that it will make. A good moisturizer will hydrate your skin and give it a natural radiant glow. Pick one that is suitable for your skin type.



When your face is all clean and ready, it is time to apply the base. In this part, you want to cover the imperfections. Always start with foundation, or your favorite BB cream first. Even then you can go with the concealer. If you do the opposite, you can wipe off the concealer when applying your foundation. Then, use powder to set your makeup. This will keep everything in place.



When you have covered all the pimples, or discoloration it is time to do the makeup. Sometimes, we don’t have enough time to do every step of the makeup. In days like these, you can omit it. When you are in a hurry and don’t know where to start from, always go from the base. Cleaning your skin and applying foundation will make you look fresh. If you have time, you can proceed to eyes, lips and face.


These were the ordinary steps. However, you can skip as many as you like. It all depends on your skin and the time that you have available. What is your Proper Makeup Routine Order? Feel free to share it with us in the comments.