Wedding Day Prep

It is universally acknowledged that your wedding day is a big deal. Not only is it probably the most expensive party you will ever throw, but it is also the start to a new chapter and a milestone marking the day that you forever bind yourself to that special someone. With all of this riding on a single day, there is no wonder that people around the world feel pressure to make everything perfect. 

When preparing for your wedding day, my best advice is to really consider what is important to you, and what are the elements or features that you don’t want to forget. Here is a short guide to help you through what you need to consider in preparation for your wedding day. 

Pre-Wedding Celebrations 

Traditionally there are a few parties that happen even before the big day. These events include the bachelor/bachelorette parties, wedding showers, and the rehearsal dinner. Think ahead to when these events might occur and ask family or bridal parties members to take the lead for planning them so that you can remain focused on the big day.


When considering a wedding venue, it is most important to make sure that it will accommodate all your guests. If you are planning to keep the party small and intimate, than you have more options for venues. Think restaurants, art galleries, parks, or museums. If you are planning a larger ceremony, you may need to consider larger event spaces.

Lastly, if you are hoping to take some of the party planning weight off of your shoulders renting a venue with an in-house coordinator can be a life saver. Making sure everyone knows where to go, what to do, and when to do it can make your day more stressful so be sure to consider this when selecting your site. 

 Food and Drinks 

No matter what time of day you plan your nuptials, you will be expected to have food for your guests. This can be a simple as Costco catering platters, or as intricate and detailed as a four course gourmet meal. Choose what works best for you based on your budget and tastes and make sure you have someone designated to gather a plate for you! 

For drinks, you will need to consider if you will have alcohol and if so how much and will it be free. If you desire a rambunctious night of dancing and partying than an open bar may be your best bet to keep everyone loose and on the dance floor. However, if you are hoping to keep things under control you may want to limit alcohol consumption in some way. Do whatever suites you and your plans for the evening best.

 Dress and Décor 

Often a wedding dress can set the mood and theme for the whole event. For example if you are wearing something slim and elegant, than you may prefer a more modern event. In contrast, if you have a full ball gown than perhaps you would prefer all the frills and fun of a fairy tale themed wedding.  If you need help clearing your skin before the wedding, I suggest purchasing a blackhead removal tool such as a face steamer – they work wonders and are terrific for your skin all year around.

Overall, your wedding day is about one thing – you and your spouse. Don’t let any expectations or pressures overshadow what you want. Stay true to yourself, try to relax, and do your best to soak in every moment.