Unique Jewelry Styles Found in Every Region of the Country

Jewelry is a means of expressing your individuality and personal style, which is why there is such variety. Both women and men have their own types of jewelry that they like to rock, and some of the most common yet unique pieces can be found across the country. Everything from flashy gold chains to dainty pearl earrings have become popular, and each fits a unique need. 

Having a large collection of jewelry allows you to accessorize for the exact style you’re going for and pieces can be worn at different times. Fancier pieces are often saved for special occasions while other styles add to an everyday look. Check out some of these popular types of jewelry you can find anywhere.

Statement Pieces

Statement pieces are a unique type of jewelry because they are meant to draw the eye directly to this point. These are usually large necklaces, bracelets, or earrings that have an unusual design or flashy colors. The entire purpose of a statement piece is to bring all the attention to that one, single accessory. 

Both men and women can don a statement piece, but it’s important that you don’t incorporate multiple pieces, as it can be distracting. If you’re going to wear a statement piece, be sure that your outfit is more subtle, meaning it should be void of loud patterns or multiple colors. Again, you want the focal point of the outfit to be the statement piece itself. For example, in hip hop culture, an iced-out chain with a pendant is often considered a statement piece.

Classic, Dainty Jewelry

Dainty jewelry is the perfect choice for everyday wear or a special event like a wedding. This style incorporates a thin chain and small pendant or simple bracelet design. These pieces are typically small, so as to be more subtle than the statement piece. 

If you have a dainty necklace with a small gemstone on it, this could work as something you wear on a daily basis or could pair nicely with a nice dress for a particular setting like the office or a family party. In the South, pearl necklaces are a classic type of simple jewelry that is often passed down through the family and worn only on special occasions.

Men’s Gold Chains

Often associated with hip hop style, men’s gold chains come in a variety of styles. The purpose of this jewelry is to display status and flashy style. Early hip hop stars were the first to popularize this look, but now professional athletes, other musicians, and people who appreciate hip hop music have hopped on to the trend. Men’s gold chains are often paired with chain bracelets, large watches, and unique men’s rings. Gold chains can be worn solo or with a pendant, and many people who don this style will add several chains of different lengths and sizes to their look.

Gold chains are not meant to be subtle, though wearing a single, thinner style necklace like the Franco or Figaro style can downplay the piece, drawing less attention to it. This is a great way to sport your gold chains during the day, but, once it’s nighttime, you can break out the thicker rope chains or Cuban link chains encrusted with diamonds to grab everybody’s attention. Much like with a statement piece, you’ll want to make the rest of your outfit simple, so as to have the gold chain as the focus.

Gemstone Jewelry

While many types of jewelry simply include gold or silver, you can add a unique sparkle to your pieces when you look for jewelry that incorporates gemstones. There is a nearly endless list of stones that can be and are used in jewelry. Gemstone jewelry typically refers to stones that have been polished and cut, giving them a clean, finished appearance before they are set into a precious or semiprecious metal. You can find some truly one-of-a-kind rings when searching for gemstone jewelry, as each stone is different. You  may find some pieces that include gems you’ve never even heard of. Rubies, sapphires, diamonds, and emeralds are some of the most popular gems used in this style.

Handmade Wrapped Pieces

For anyone who might be interested in creating their own jewelry, you can find examples of hand-wrapped pieces across the country. This style also incorporates stones, but usually in their raw form. This kind of jewelry is not as sophisticated as others, making it a good choice for an everyday piece. 

Hand-wrapped jewelry is created when a stone, or several stones, are selected, and then wire is wrapped around them in a specific and unique design. The wire works to hold the piece together and add another element to the design. You can find these handmade pieces in many places, but you can also learn the art of wire wrapping yourself and create your own jewelry.

Men’s Watches

One of the most common types of accessories for men is watches. Though you may not think of them as traditional jewelry, in many ways they are. Men collect many watches to suit different occasions. Leather or rubber-strap watches are great for everyday use, while all-gold or -silver bands may be better suited for days you need to dress up. You can also find a variety of unique watch faces that let your personality shine through.

Use Your Jewelry to Express Yourself

With so many styles of jewelry to choose from for both men and women, it can be difficult to settle on just one. Good news! You don’t have to. Jewelry is so unique that you can combine many elements of these different styles to create a look that’s entirely specific to you. Most people actually own a combination of many different styles to fit their look, depending on the occasion and the outfit that they’re wearing. 

If you’re looking for a specific type of jewelry, consider the purpose and review some of these unique but popular styles you’ll find throughout the U.S. The most important thing to keep in mind when purchasing jewelry is: You do you! Pay attention to what you gravitate toward and build your style around it.