Unique Cocktail Attire Ideas


Most fashionable folks find that they need to master the art of cocktail attire at one point or another in their style journey. However, for most folks, the need to dress in cocktail attires is much less frequent than that of work or casual clothes, and thus knowing exactly what to wear to a semi-formal event can be tricky. While a little black dress is almost always appropriate, here are some cocktail ideas that push the envelope a little more.

Party Pants

Some women are just more comfortable in pants than dresses or skirts. Fortunately, there are plenty of cocktail attire-ready trousers out there to choose from. When picking pants, try to find a pair that is a little bolder than what you might wear to the office. Unique colors, eye-catching details, or even an unusual length like cropped pants can all be good places to start.

Try a Two-Piece

There is no rule that cocktail attire has to start with a dress. Start with a cute blouse like this Floralina top from Shechet, and then add a tailored skirt or slacks. Remember that when pairing pieces, it’s a good idea to choose one that is neutral and one that is brightly colored or boldly patterned.

Color Clash

Try pairing bold colors with even bolder accessories. For example, don’t resort to plain black accessories with your favorite red dress. Try a blue belt or pair of red shoes instead. As a general rule, when colors are located opposite each other on the color wheel, they can be worn together to eye-catching effect.

Make it Modest

If your favorite cocktail dress shows too much skin, wear it with a cute cardigan or a structured blazer. Other things you can try to make your cocktail attire a little more modest include wearing thick tights with your dress, or wrapping a big scarf or shawl around your shoulders.

One of the best parts about cocktail attire is that there are very few hard and fast rules. You are free to experiment with these and other unique cocktail ideas at your next event.