Understanding Fashion Trends

Fashion weeks are celebrated all over the world. Every now and then there is a major fashion show going on in a mega city with huge preparations and invites to almost every popular celebrity. If you follow fashion, you already understand why fashion events and fashion shows are such a huge deal. But some people who don’t follow fashion often ask, what’s the big deal about fashion shows. In simple words you can say that such fashion shows and events showcase the latest fashion trends and often define what is going to be the new look of the season.  Even as someone who does not follow fashion you must have noticed that fashion trends come and go. But have you ever wondered from where we get these fashion trends. Most of these fashion trends originate from popular fashion events and shows.

You can also think of fashion as a revealing statement of a person. The way a person dresses, the way he/she wears his/her outfits and the choice of clothes can reveal a lot of about his/her personality. We all have a couple of friends who say we don’t care about the way we look and what clothes we wear. But if we were to look closely at their lives then it becomes apparent that they too are trying to project a certain image and they too follow a certain kind of fashion. No one can stay untouched from fashion trends. Sooner or later, fashion catches up with everybody.

There is a fashion trend of every mood and every occasion. Fashion can dictate what you should wear when you are not feeling very good and fashion obviously tells you what to wear when you are feeling like you are on cloud nine.

Fashion is always evolving, always changing, always creating and setting new trends. Some fashion trends tend to stay on for decades while others simply vanish within months. This change becomes very noticeable in fashion events. If a trend is really popular among the masses then you will see a lot of models showcasing trendy  celebrity  and prom dresses, if a trend have gone out of style then you will see fashion shows trying for something new and fresh.

Now you might ask a question, what’s the need for fashion? Some people might even say that we wear custom made dresses to cover our bodies and provide protection from the elements then where is the need for fashion. The answer is quite simple; the need for fashion is psychological. We all have role models. We all look up to someone whom we idealize. For example a lot of young women follow Miley Cyrus closely. Now we are well aware that her dressing sense can be a bit controversial and different to say the least. But such popular figures have the power to inspire the change in dressing sense of millions around the world. When they are seen publicly wearing a certain kind of outfit, their fans and followers start doing the same and all of a sudden you have an emerging fashion trend.