Ultimate Guide to Purchasing the Best Anti-Itch Cream

While many people take it for granted, a healthy flawless skin isn’t something that comes out of the blues. Some people are prone to multiple skin conditions such as itchy skin, making it difficult for them to have a soft, smooth skin. Itchy skin might start like a minor issue, one that can easily be ignored. If left unattended however, it can turn into a constant source of discomfort and distraction.

Maintaining a healthy skin isn’t such an easy affair if you have itchiness to worry about. The most normal thing to do when your skin itches, regardless of the intensity, is to scratch. Constant scratching of the affected area of the skin might make it sore. Getting rid of an itchy skin helps you avoid scratching. Luckily for you, you can choose from a wide selection of over the counter anti-itch screams to help you deal with this menace.

Understanding skin itchiness

Before running to the shop for anti-itch remedy, you first need to understand the kind of skin complication you are dealing with. Skin itchiness might result from several things. You might have come into contact with ragweed or poison ivy. On the other hand, insect bites also cause the skin to itch. Those with dry skin also find themselves feeling like scratching it.

While the aforementioned are simple causes, the problem of skin itchiness might also result from other complicated causes. From dermatitis eczema and psoriasis to body allergies, several other conditions might prompt you to feel like scratching your skin.

Interestingly, one can prevent certain incidences of skin itchiness by observing simple practices. For one, you need to be wary of soaps and oils containing dyes and perfumes. When showering, opt for lukewarm as opposed to hot water. It is advisable that you keep your skin hydrated immediately after taking a bath. A good choice of moisturizer will save you the trouble. In addition, you need to observe simple yet essential practices such as wearing gloves when handling yard work. Lastly, try your best to keep off tight or wool clothing.

Which relief options do you have?

For mild cases of skin itchiness, there are a couple of practices you can observe to restore normalcy. For a start, you should avoid scratching the itchy area. Admittedly, this might be a difficult test for some people. Taking oral, over the counter antihistamine is another popular solution. The other alternative is taking a bath using water with oatmeal or baking soda.

The most common option that many people, especially ladies, tend to opt for is anti-itch cream. The right choice of anti-itch cream can help you maintain a healthy, flawless skin. Notably, you have two options as far as anti-itch creams are concerned. There are those designed reduce the itchiness. Others containing elements of hydrocortisone, reduce skin inflammation in addition to preventing skin itchiness.

Purchasing anti-itch cream

You will only achieve fast, sustainable relief when you settle on the best anti-itch cream. For the most effective outcomes, it is advisable that you choose creams with at least 1% hydrocortisone. To make the selection process an easier one for you, we have put together a guide on extremely effective best Anti-Itch Cream. Check out the list.

  • Cortizone 10 Hydrocortisone Anti-Itch Liquid

Many people commonly refer to it as the itch stick. The presence of all-important hydrocortisone ensures significant reduction of skin inflammation while eliminating the itching effect. Currently, it serves as one of the most effective anti-itch products the market has to offer. The fact that it is easy to use also makes it a top choice amongst consumers.

Cortizone 10 is enclosed in a container resembling a huge lip balm tube. By simply popping off the top, you can apply the medicine. The foam sponge applicator used in applying the medicine is easy to use. Most people find it easy to apply this product.

Aloe is an additional ingredient of this product. Basically, it seeks to provide a soothing effect to the skin. As such, you can use this product on kids without hearing complaints of stinging or burning sensations. Unlike creams and lotions which can melt under intense summer heat, this liquid won’t change its composition. The small tubes it comes in ensures maximum portability.

  • First Aid Only Anti-Itch Cream

As a company, First Aid Only specializes in the manufacture of emergency and first aid preparedness products. Its anti-itch cream is among the best in the market and this doesn’t come as a surprise. Just like the previous product, it also contains hydrocortisone. It is a safe product for everyone, including children. First Aid Anti-Itch cream is perfect in reducing inflammation and curbing the effects of skin itchiness.

The packaging is slightly different from other common anti-itch creams. It comes in a box with a dozen single-use packets. Each packet holds an average of 3/10 grams of the cream. The easy-to-open packet contains the right amount of product to use in one instance. Obviously, the packaging makes it easy for someone to carry this product while travelling.

  • Curel Itch Defense Lotion

Notably, this product does not have hydrocortisone as one of the ingredients. Nevertheless, it is effective in dealing with skin itchiness. The secret to its effectiveness lies in an ingredient known as ceramides. Ceramide is a natural substance present in the outer layer of the skin. Low amounts of ceramide result in dry, itchy skin.

This product is designed to restore ceramide levels in the skin. With time, it helps to relieve the skin of the itchy effect and even prevent such conditions. The fragrance free product is pediatrician tested so you can use it on your little ones without any worries. It comes with the added benefit of soothing and softening the skin while providing essential relief.

Maintaining a smooth, healthy skin should always remain top on your priority list. A healthy skin equals a healthy body. If need be for any skin care product, make sure you choose something of proven quality and outstanding reputation.