Types of purses and handbags every woman should own

The key of the world’s most glamorous women is not giving in to impulse buys but instead investing in staples that complement their aesthetic and easy to work on for every occasion or look. Have you covered all the basics? This article lists the top most valuable bags that each woman should own to help you address this query. Read on below to see what your closet lacks.


As we all know, this style of the bag gives you great freedom of movement while holding stuff close to you—and it looks a lot chicer than a typical bag. A high quality crossbody bag has a robust strap that can be adjusted quickly to navigate the front flap. It shouldn’t be too bulky and medium-sized — it’ll be too little and not very practical, and it may confuse you.


This is a medium bag and is similar to the bread loaf of the name. It has short, thin straps so that it can be worn either on your shoulders or just below your axle. A beautiful Fendi Baguette bag goes perfectly well with a flirting feminine top and classic jean. It’s a simple sexy date look.


This is a must for anybody that is never without their necessities. Whether this is a book that you can’t put down, a cup or a spare jumper, these are the bags you’ll still be happy to buy. Due to their size, they often swamp your frame so that they want either a pop of colour or textured leather.


Most of the ladies out there probably own this sort of girl bag. This kind of tote bag is a must for any woman. It’s fine to keep everything a woman wants. Trust me that a woman holds a lot of stuff in her bag.


The Speedy was created in 1930 to interpret the ubiquitous Keepall bag in a smaller way. The bag marks a turning point in Louis Vuitton’s history since the Speedy was the first handbag from the fashion house. While the Keepall was built for the global elite, the Speedy was intended for daily use. 


The Birkin is a big square bag with a sporty yet elegant look. In 1984, the Birkin concept was a new declaration from the (until then very traditional) fashion house. Before the Birkin, the conservative and lady bag of Kelly was one of the company’s figureheads.


A clean, custom-made daily clutch is an excellent choice if you can edit what goes in and which stays out. Smaller pouches are cute and light, but you usually cannot get more than a smart phone and lipstick. Try to choose one that has many pockets and a bit amount to hold your necessities. This is one of those sacks with which you can have fun – you don’t have to spend too much on this kind of bag style, so try playing with various colours and materials.


In the warmer months, the straw basket can be your go-to package. It’s an ideal summer carry-all and a bit more playful than other handbags (colourful cue pom-poms). Pack it with snacks and a beach towel with friends or daily things as you go to work.

It is a style icon of Jane Birkin, who made her signature handbag popular in the 1970s, long before Hermes made a bag in her name, The Birkin.


This is your wildcard and can allow you to demonstrate your style. A lot of this kind of handbag won’t make you broke, from a stripy hobo to a sports messenger to a croc clutch. On those times, when you can make your look a little more interesting, return to your 9-to-5 routine and work for this bag. It’s a brilliant way to take your look — and reveal it.


 The Lady Dior bag is truly classic and it was issued its ionic status by Princess Diana. This French based-house of Dior intended to create an instantly recognizable bag and had a robust identity. The Lady Dior bag design was inspired by couture, and it was designed in 1994.

There’s no woman in the world who would argue that one bag is sufficient for her. Women love to buy bags and store their wardrobes with various handbag styles. Shopping for handbags can be considered an art form when performed correctly. I hope the above is the list of bags pf every woman should have.