Super Simple Spring/Summer Outfits Incorporating Your Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans, skinny jeans, skinny jeans… we all love skinny jeans! Girly, laddish, arty, sophisticated, they fit into so many categories. Any shop you visit has them, from Laura Ashley to Miss Selfridge, and their appeal is universal. What’s more, there aren’t many clothes that get better with age, but jeans can always benefit from a few years’ of use, so why not scout ebay for some classic pairs – you may find some true originals worn by the Slones (or even the Stones!).

In the winter they are worn with big chunky boots or sexy high-heeled boots. In the summer they can be teamed with absolutely anything; so versatile, so sexy, so perfect. gives us some top tips on how to wear our skinny jeans like the celebs. If that’s not enough to get you strutting your stuff, here  are some more suggestions on how to wear your skinny jeans this summer.


Different styles

When you buy your skinny jeans, take a look at what style suits you. Low slung jeans look great on younger or skinny ladies; however they can give a definite muffin top appearance if you are not careful. Higher-waisted jeans are very flattering on the waist and allow you to wear shorter tops without baring your midriff. And of course these also allow you to bend over without showing the world your pants! There are so many colour variations out there too, so why not experiment with a few?



The shoes completely control the look: baseball trainers and ballet pumps end your leg at the bottom of the jean, giving you a cute sassy look. Be warned though, if you are short then it can make you look shorter. High heels, on the other hand, give the appearance of long, lean, sexy legs, and change the whole look.


Floaty and sexy

Pretty blouses and cardigans or floaty sheer tops teamed with high heels looks super sexy and feminine, which is a great look for a summer night out.



A sharp blazer gives a chic look to skinnies; team it with a cute little blouse, a small cross-over handbag, pumps and ooh la la, you have a Continental look!



The good old t-shirt and skinny combination never fails, teamed with baseball boots, and hey, you are 16 again! Layering always works well with this look too… perhaps a longer vest under the t-shirt and a shorter, skinny jumper over the top?



Tunics look great with skinny jeans and tend to suit all figures. They can help hide unwanted lumps and bumps, being particularly kind to women who like to hide their bottom. Try a tunic with sandals for a lovely summery Mediterranean look.


But don’t limit yourself to these suggestions, there are so many combinations that can be worn with the faithful skinny, but whatever look you go for, make sure your skinnies fit perfectly and are comfortable. There is nothing worse than crippling yourself with a too-tight waist or losing circulation in your thighs!