Sterling silver pendants – Why you should buy sterling silver jewelry

Silver is available in numerous alloys. One of the purest of the silver alloys is known as sterling silver. Sterling silver is the most common alloy of silver used to manufacture elegant and beautiful jewelry. Sterling silver is about 93% silver while the other 7% is composed of a much stable metal.

On its own, silver is too difficult to handle. It is soft and unstable and can barely be formed into any shape. For it to become the beautiful piece of silver jewelry that can be worn, it has to be mixed with another metal that can allow it to be bent and formed into anything.


Sterling silver is 92.5% silver while the rest is made up of copper.

Here is why you should buy sterling silver jewelry.


When spending your money on jewelry, you do not want to buy pieces that will only be good for a short period of time. You want pieces that not only transcend fashion and trends but also last long.

With sterling silver, you will never go wrong. It is strong and hard to break. All the that is required, is that you observe the necessary steps of care and you will have your sterling silver jewelry for a lifetime.


Sterling silver jewelry is a beautiful. It is appealing and easily blends well with as many colors and fabrics as one can wear.

It is suitable for both formal and informal occasions. Sterling silver jewelry can be easily worn at home and even at work without feeling overdressed or out of place. 

Further, sterling silver can be easily identified for its hue. With proper care, beauty in sterling silver jewelry does not fade. It will maintain its bright and easily recognizable shine.


Numerous designers love using sterling silver for the many designs that one can bend it into. One of the most common design is the sterling silver pendants found on numerous necklaces, bangles and even earrings.

Sterling silver can be molded into numerous types of jewelry. It helps create unique pieces that can fetch high prices and appeal to a wide market segment. It also produces beautiful and unique shapes for all types of jewelry that one would need.

Many designers already prefer it to many other different types of materials that can be used to make jewelry.

Easy to take care of 

Sterling silver is quite easy to maintain. Unlike other metals that require special care, you only need everyday items to ensure that it maintains its hue and unique beauty.

First and most essential step to maintain your sterling silver jewelry is by wearing them often. The oil on your skin ensures that they are protected from the elements of the weather and non-use. Also, frequent wearing of your jewelry leads you to like it more and to protect it.

The next step of maintenance is when not wearing it. Make sure that every time you take off your jewelry, you wash it with warm water and soap. Dry it off and store it away from light. Also ensure that all your sterling silver jewelry do not touch each other or other types of jewelry. 

Store each of your sterling silver jewelry singly and do not expose it to light.

Cost effective

For jewelry designers and manufacturers, sterling silver is cost effective. It is a beautiful material that is not as expensive as pure silver or other popular jewelry making materials such as gold.

Further, this cost effectiveness translates into affordable products that are within reach of a large number of people. Making both beauty and business sense.


Sterling silver is beautiful and affordable when turned into jewelry. It is easy to maintain and is loved by many. Jewelry made out of sterling silver is stylish and durable. Many sterling silver jewelry pieces have been passed down many generations in some families, proving their value and strength.