Steps to Take for a Greener Spa or Massage Business

Today, going green is becoming an important consideration for businesses in every industry. In the spa and massage industry, there are several steps that companies can take towards running an eco-friendlier brand. If you own or run a spa or massage parlor, making simple changes to conserve resources, use less energy, and switch to greener processes can have a range of benefits. Not only is it kinder to the planet, going green can also improve your reputation with your eco-conscious customers, whilst helping you to cut business costs at the same time. We’ve listed some of the best ways spa and massage businesses can be more environmentally friendly.

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#1. Go Paperless:

Printing off booking forms, staff schedules, cleaning schedules, client information, and more may seem essential for your spa or massage business. However, the fact is that today, it’s easier than ever to go paper-free with a range of great electronic and digital alternatives available. Going paperless, no matter how gradually, is a great first step towards going green and helping to conserve forestry all around the world. Massage apps designed specifically to help businesses like yours go paperless can be used to create effortless digital alternatives to print using your smartphone, tablet or computer.

#2. Conserve Water:

For businesses in the health and beauty industry, water is an essential component of the working day. From soaking feet to washing hair, you won’t be able to give your clients the star treatment they’re expecting without water. However, taking steps to conserve water is essential, even if it’s only a small amount. Simple strategies, such as turning off all faucets when they’re not in use, using a bowl or basin instead of running water wherever possible, and even recycling water where appropriate are all excellent ways to use less of this important natural resource.

#3. Conduct an Energy Audit:

Another great way to run a greener spa or massage business is to conduct regular energy audits. This will help you ensure that you’re not unintentionally wasting energy and may help you save money on utilities along with helping to reduce your business’ carbon footprint. An energy audit can be conducted on your own, or you may be able to have somebody from your energy come to your business premises to check if any energy can be saved. Small gaps underneath and around windows and doors, radiators that are in need of draining, and unchanged air filters can all contribute to energy wastage.

#4. Encourage Good Habits:

Lastly, whether you’re a small or large business, encouraging your team to practice eco-friendlier habits at work is essential for running a greener company. For example, getting everybody in the habit of switching lights off when a room is not in use, keeping doors and windows closed, and unplugging electrical items once they’re fully charged will all help to keep your energy usage low and reduce your business’ environmental impact.

Are you motivated to create a greener business? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.