Sexy All Zipper Dress Design Idea

Hey ladies, I’m always here to inspire you and to show you the path to the highest fashion? Do you want to look spectacular and outstanding on your next special occasion? If the answer is yes then you should definitely take a look at the pictures below! The dress that I have found can be worn on many ways all of them look stupendous.

This convertible dress design by Sebastian Errazuriz is nothing short of stunning in any of its possible stylistic configurations. The wearer can simply zip and unzip along any of the horizontal zipper lines to convert their clothing in a matter of seconds.

What might be most remarkable about this design is how quickly it can shift from elegant to sexy, a full-length, single-piece dress one could potentially wear to work into a skimpy, short-cut, two-piece number that could put some bikinis to shame. In between there are any number of other options for shortening the top or bottom or even leaving some zippers partly on and partly off.

Despite the obvious benefits in terms of variable style, temperature and so on there are some clear drawbacks to this design as well. How much cold metal can you, after all, take on your skin? And do you really want to give any passerby 120 ways to undress you in the blink of an eye? These exceptions aside the idea is incredibly innovative and has all kind of potential – if the kinks can be worked out.

Thank you for reading! I stayed speechless and I want a dress like this for myself! I hope that you have liked this outstanding and attention grabbing zipper dress design idea too. Enjoy in the rest of your day and don’t forget to stay up to date with the contents of Fashion Diva Design!