Saying ‘I do!’ to the Wedding of your Dreams: from Vision to Venue to Vows

Planning a wedding is about so much more than checking off a ‘to-do’ list. It is about having a vision for an important event and executing that vision through every element of the planning process, including the venue and the vows that are spoken. The details that go into the months and days leading up to the big day are critical to the success of your big “I do!” moment.

The Vision

Dreaming about a wedding in all of its glory is a great pastime for many a bride-to-be. From the color scheme to the flavor of the cake to the cut style of the dress, brides often have a very clear idea of how they want their wedding ceremony and reception to look. Examples of some different types of wedding themes include:

  • Fairy Tale Come True: Complete with a horse-drawn carriage, this vision focuses on the couple as the prince and princess of their own life story. Just as in the stories, fairy tale wedding visions are glittery and shimmering with happy thoughts and fun times. 
  • Natural Nuptials: Couples who center their attention around all things natural may want to continue that vision as a part of their wedding day. Simple and understated, the natural theme focuses on the couple rather than the glitz.
  • Uniquely Unusual: Of course, there are many people who choose to make their wedding a truly unique reflection of their personality as a couple. In these cases, the vision takes on any one of a million appearances, from costumed to destination-specific to pet-centric and so much more–really, any place your imagination can take you, your wedding vision can go.

The Venue

Where you choose to host your wedding ceremony and reception is an important element in the wedding planning process. The location should always be a reflection of what makes the happy couple unique and should carry out the vision that the two of you have agreed upon. 

After all, it would be a bit confusing to have a country themed wedding in an elegant ballroom for example. The great thing about choosing the venue is there is a plenty of opportunity for creativity. If there is enough space for all of your guests to join in the celebration then any location can be transformed into the perfect wedding venue. (Like this beautiful wedding venue and reception space in Houston, TX, a perfectly elegant and romantic setting.)

The Vows

How you and your partner choose to express your love and devotion to one another during the ceremony is another way you can show your unique personality. Many people elect to use the standard vows they have traditionally heard during weddings, opting to focus their creative energy in other areas rather than reinventing the word wheel, so to speak.

There are others, however, who want to start their marriage commitment off with original, well-crafted declarations of lasting love. Some people write their own words, speaking from the heart and offering simple and truthful statements. Others use quotes from literature. And there are even those who commission a professional writer to communicate what is in their heart.

Whatever way you choose to commit yourself to one another, the most important thing is a unified vision. Just like when you are choosing the theme and the venue where the ceremony and reception take place, starting your union off in agreement with the one you love will add to what makes your wedding day one you will never forget.