A look back at 2016 on the runway

Now that we’re into the New Year, we still have a few months left to indulge in the over-sized furs and winter-warmer accessories that make fashion so much fun this time of year. There were many reasons why 2016 was an unforgettable year, but nowhere was this more evident than in the fashion industry. If you’d like to know what was hot last year, then read on for a full review of the top collections, and be sure to pick up a few of the key A/W trends in the sales…

The slip-on dress

Designers were certainly away with the fairies when they produced the slip-on dresses craze that was popular during late spring and early summer. In a variety of soft colours and floaty fabrics, this was one of the most comfortable designs to trickle down into the high-street stores, so it’s no surprise they flew off the shelves and were seen at every festival.

Colour pop

The whole of 2016 can be summarised in one word: colour. This year’s designs, from the racer skirts of spring to the raincoats of winter, were all about bright, vivid patterns and vibrant hues. The great thing is, whatever purchases you made this year will still be ideal for this year’s summer holiday.

The backpack

I don’t know who decided that backpacks were back, but they were clearly a genius. Loved by all ages, the humble but revamped backpack got a facelift when designers opted for luxury materials and brighter tones to create truly memorable collections. From our motherly perspective, it meant practicality could finally be beautiful!

Animal house

Moving into the autumn, animal print came stampeding back onto the runways. However, aside from the typically stylish yellows, browns and oranges that we usually associate with this trend, 2016 had a colourful effect on animal print. Women everywhere were seen wearing zebra stripes coloured bold reds, cobalt blues and even emerald greens!

Caped crusaders

Most women reach for their trusty shawl or pashmina when the nights turn colder but they have a party to go to. This year though, the occasionwear trend was to opt for a cape or capelete instead, which we all shouted “hurray” for. The added weight to a cape makes them warmer but also far easier to wear, as they often hang exactly as they were supposed to without any need for safety pins, which helped make them an instant hit.

90s vibes

Whether you enjoyed the power dressing business look of this era, or you preferred the youthful choker, you were probably jumping for joy this year as 90s fashion seemed to take over the shops. With 2016 adding its own twist however, the chokers you’ll find on the market now will be far more dazzling, daring and downright crazy!

Can you think of any more 2016 trends that made for a memorable 12 months? I’d love to hear from you, so let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.