Limited-Edition Sunday Riley Kit Just Released

More than 1,000 Sunday Riley customers are going to be very happy on Sunday. The company is going to release a very limited-edition holiday gift set. The set contains three of the companies products just in time for the holiday season.

There are not many brands of skin-care that dedicate themselves to their products the way this company does. The company has a simple recipe for success when it comes to product creation. They take their customer’s unique skincare needs to create smart, multi-purpose products to offer the best results possible. All of their products are made using Green Technology powered by science and backed by the potency of botanicals.

Texas-Based Company

The company is based out of Houston, Texas. Their brand has been behind many of Sephora’s best selling products. Just about any new products they launch ends up with huge customer waiting lists. For example, the new limited edition holiday three-piece set already has people waiting in anticipation. The downside is that Sunday Riley is only releasing 1,000 of these kits.

One of their products is called the Good Genes. It is a liquid-based exfoliator that has been described by experts and customers as a great “all-in-one lactic acid beauty treatment.” It quickly became a favorite for skincare devotees because it has proven to offer users glowing skin.

To the dismay of many beauty and skincare product lovers across the world, it was announced by the company earlier in the year that the company was going to discontinue the beloved product in the United Kingdom because of new regulations set into place. These new regulations limited how much lactic acid can be added to any skincare products.

The Good News

The good news comes in the form of the new holiday edition set. Sunday Riley is bringing their popular products to the United States by way of this Early Access Kit. This kit is going to cost $185, but it will have around $230 worth of full-sized products in it. These specific products will not be officially launched by the company until early 2019. The kit is going to contain three specific products in it and the company plans to release a solid 1,000 kits only.

The Other Products In The Early Access Kit

The second product the company is adding to the kit is a new product called A+. It contains a high-dose of retinoid serum. This is a pro-strength formula similar to the Luna Sleeping Night Oil and is made for those looking to get a potent formula which offers quick results. If you have sensitive skin, the company suggests you build up your skin’s retinol tolerance before trying this product.

The third Early Release Kit product is called C.E.O. Glow. It is a turmeric and vitamin C face oil. For those that loved the C.E.O serum, this is a clear choice in face oil. It is made with a THD ascorbate, a very potent form of vitamin C. The face oil also contains vitamin E for soothing qualities and antioxidants. The mixture will help to nourish and brighten your skin. This is a great addition to the rest of the C.E.O. product line.

Where To Get The Early Access Kit?

With only a limited amount of these kits being released, everyone is excited to know where these kits will be available for purchase. These kits will be available on the company’s website once it is relaunched on November 19, 2018. Once the kit is added to the site and able to be purchased, it is clear the 1,000 available kits will sell out quickly. Mark your calendars!