Layla Beauty Sleep Tips for Hair and Skin

Layla is a different mattress in every respect. Inspired by the experiences of real-life consumers across many years, it is an affordable and high-end mattress made with high-quality materials and state-of-the-art technologies. The result? A dual-sided copper-infused memory mattress that ensures the optimum level of comfort and support for almost everyone.

But how can a mattress have any influence on the appearance and feel of hair and skin? Layla is not just any mattress; it is a copper-infused mattress with unique characteristics that make it an excellent choice for if you want to enjoy the perfect beauty sleep for your skin and hair.

Here are some Layla beauty sleep tips for hair and beauty:

  1. Choose a Hypoallergenic Sleeping Surface

You don’t want your skin to spend 6-8 hours per day on a mattress made with materials that could trigger allergies. A massive number of Americans, 50 million according to the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, experience various types of allergies each year.

With allergies being the 6th leading cause of chronic illness in the United States, it becomes evident why you need to reduce the number of potentially allergenic factors around you, which includes your mattress. Layla is the answer if you are looking for a hypoallergenic surface.

Unlike most memory-foam mattresses that foster highly resistant crawlies, Layla is copper-infused, which makes it unique in the mattress industry. The copper in this mattress is what keeps allergens away from your sleeping surface, and therefore away from your skin and hair.

  1. Choose a Cooling Sleeping Surface

Layla is one of the most efficient mattresses on the market when it comes to ensuring a cooling snoozing surface. Several features allow Layla to provide the best possible thermal control. Now, how is thermoregulation relevant to maintain a healthy hair and skin?

You don’t want to sleep hot because your skin and your hair will not like that sweaty, sticky feeling that defines hot sleeping mattresses. Sweat irritates your skin and aggravates existing skin conditions. Your hair dehydrates, becomes frail, and loses its shine.

Layla has excellent thermoregulation features due to the copper-infused memory foam. The copper in the foam, a naturally cool metal, ensures a cool and dry sleep throughout the night. To learn more about this technology, check this comprehensive analysis of Layla Bed here.

Plus, each of the specially-engineered four layers in the Layla bed has a thermo-gel cooling cover that surrounds it for optimum air ventilation. To reap all of the benefits of the Layla mattress’ cooling cover for your hair and skin, refrain from adding a mattress protector or topper.

  1. Choose Copper-Infused Memory Foam

The copper-infused memory foam used in the Layla mattress has many benefits for your skin and hair. Most of these benefits derive directly from the unusual properties that copper possesses and are unique to the Layla mattress, including:

  • Copper regenerates elastin and collagen and therefore improves skin elasticity, firmness, and softness. You may end up looking younger if you sleep on Layla mattress;
  • Copper cures skin damage by reconstructing the skin and eliminating scars;
  • Copper prevents premature graying of hair helping in the production of melanin pigments responsible for giving color to skin, eyes, and hair.
  • Copper has anti-inflammatory properties, which prevents skin irritation and allergies


The Layla mattress is an excellent choice to enjoy an uninterrupted beauty sleep while maintaining the health of your hair and skin. Remember that Layla offers two firmness levels in one mattress and you can go from soft to firm and the other way around with just one flip.

Layla is made in the US and is sold online exclusively, which makes it an affordable mattress despite the high-end technologies and quality materials used in the manufacturing process. Layla memory-foam mattress with four layers engineered for comfort and support.

The four layers include soft-side, copper infused and cooling memory foam, soft-density convoluted memory foam layer for improved heat dissipation and air-flow, firm-density memory foam base support, and a firm-side, copper-infused, and cooling memory foam layer.