Key Summer Footwear Trends For 2015

Sometimes the best part about getting dressed is your footwear. Out of thousands of designs, the stylish array of summer footwear trends for 2015 feature a range of retro suede, silver heels, pro sports, calf socks, and more.

So, what exactly do you have to look forward to? Key trends emphasize ease and wearability, delivering a selection of flats, heels, sneakers, thigh highs, cutout wedges and flatforms. It’s all there.

The following are all the delicious style trends for the upcoming sunshine-y weather:


A key trend for women’s spring 2015 wardrobe is the heel reinforced with super chunky and sturdy shapes, making way for a heavyweight appeal. The runways include further designs such as platforms featuring serrated rubber soles with mixed materials giving a boost in contrast colors and underlining statement essentials.

There’s also the white heel to make you kiss goodbye to old man winter and welcome the saucy spring season. This trend is a little bit out of the box, yet is different enough to stand out from the usual line. Some white heel designs have also been updated with metallic novelty.

The neon will also return in 2015, but before you turn up your nose and grab the shades, know that this trend has grown up. Now neons are arriving in mature silhouettes, and the traditional pump profiles are getting their spring style updates in sizzling purples and electric yellows.


Metallic color socks are becoming the talk of the town as seen from the presentations on the runways. The most sought after color is silver, but other colors such as green, crimson, purple and blue are right behind. The highlights also include socks in aquatic patterns featuring colors of the ocean.

Geometrical prints of blocks, squares and checks will be present alongside their metallic counterparts. You will see patterns like cage prints and more abstract geometrical patterns in 2015. The possibilities with different designs and colors in geometrical prints are almost unlimited.

For those who are in need of special clothing because of a health condition, there are options out there for you. For people with diabetes, compression wear options, like diabetic socks, address issues of disease-related irritation while still allowing one to dress stylishly.


The signature shoe has received a youthful makeover and the new designs include floral adorned flats, sleek stilettos, chunky shoes and many other options you’ll want to slip into.

And gone is one of the annoying parts of the mule in the new designs, the clack-clack sound you used to hear when the shoes slapped against your feet.

Designers are now making mules that are sophisticated and edgy rather than pretty. With such a finishing touch, the mule styles becomes an instant update that makes the usual spring outfit feel slightly elevated.

Gladiator sandals

Gladiator is still around when it comes to the new season. Some new designs include multi-strap cage sandals featuring a combination of different shapes; the chain detail on these offering give them some extra edge.

Slightly thick or thin soled sandals are made of multiple straps caging the feet all the way to the knees or even ankles: these are the type of shoes to wear in the summer months for making miles and miles, while looking chic.