Julia Roberts Uses This Trendy Skincare Tool For An Ageless Complexion

Since she began working in the entertainment sector in the late 1980s, Julia Roberts has, quite frankly, maintained a near-flawless appearance. She has made us question just what she does to maintain her dazzling appearance in all of her great roles, from Pretty Woman to movies like Eat, Pray, Love and beyond. Many people ask if she uses laser hair removal in Canberra or dermal fillers in Canberra or some other specialised treatments.

The Lancôme brand ambassador has made no secret of her affection for their treatments, but she offers some additional advice for maintaining a youthful appearance. Learn about them all now.

The Innovative LED Light Treatment Mask 

We now are aware of one of the secrets of her youthful complexion, thanks to Instagram: an LED light treatment mask. The Ocean’s Eleven actress shared a snapshot of herself on social media using Aduro’s 7+1 LED face mask to multitask while she was driving and applying some skincare.

This handy little gadget uses seven different kinds of LED light to penetrate the skin deeply. NASA created this technology in the 1980s to hasten tissue healing; it has since been clinically demonstrated to combat ageing, wrinkles, redness, and other issues.

According to Marnie Nussbaum, MD, a well-known dermatologist LED light is effectively functions like the sunlight to a plant. It triggers various intracellular and intercellular reactions when it penetrates the skin to the cellular level.  Red light, for example, can decrease inflammation and improve the texture and density of your skin, while blue light may be an efficient way to treat acne. Each colour has a particular effect on your complexion.

In addition to the red and blue lights mentioned above, Aduro’s device also has the following additional colours: purple (a combination of the two that enhances lymph metabolism), green (to improve fine lines and  pigmentation), turquoise (a combination of the blue and green), yellow (to soft, hydrate, and increase collagen production), orange (to soothe). Additionally, it has technologies for infrared skin augmentation.

You don’t have an additional $300 lying around. Do not worry. The Project E Beauty seven-colour variant is around $100 less expensive and features several of the same hues (red, blue, light blue, green, yellow, purple, and white to speed up tissue metabolism).

For a quick dose of red, blue, and yellow, you can also check out RAIPSOSA- a three colour mask. Users say that the skin feels revitalised after using this mark. Each hue elicits a particular joyful emotion. simple to use comfortable. The product has good materials at a cost-effective price.

Simply activate these masks and put them on as directed to utilise them (anywhere from 5 and 20 minutes). To safeguard your eyes, safety goggles are advised.

Beauty That’s More Than Skin Deep 

Roberts firmly believes that removing her makeup before night is a good idea. According to the mother of three, feeling “hydrated and fresh” is important. In addition to her face, she also gives her feet and hands some tender loving care in addition to her face. 

She says she has a low maintenance beauty routine, eats mindfully remains calm, drinks plenty of water, gets adequate sleep and staysjoyful. Depending on your skin type and beauty objectives you can consider getting Dermal Fillers in Canberra