Important Interior Design Tips For A Feminine Home

When you think of Feminine interior design, the first thing that comes to your mind is gentle and soft look with delicate detailing. However, by referring as “masculine” or “feminine” in interior design there is no intention to divide by gender. Instead, it means that the characteristics of the space are more associated with one gender. These Interior Design Tips will help you get the idea!

Depending on the vibe that you want to bring in the space, there are three options that you should consider. Feminine style is not about pink and unicorns, but rather about creating a subtle look. Masculine interiors tend to be strong, bold, and unfinished. If both of them are not your thing, you can find the perfect balance between them as a third option.


Picking up the right colors is crucial when you want to create a feminine interior. You don’t have to limit down your choice only to pink as being the most feminine color. Pastel shades can work nice. If you still want to stick to pink hues, consider the sleek color combo that works for any space- blush and navy blue.


Stylish Furniture

Considering the fact that feminine style is specific, go easy on the harsh details. Furniture with round shapes is an excellent start. You can always incorporate some shabby chic classics, because this style supports the femininity. A light colored vanity with a big mirror is a must have for the bedroom.

Versatile Flooring

When picking the right flooring, make sure that you pick good quality. You can change furniture and details from time to time, but you can’t do this often with flooring. Engineered wood planks are considered to be a good choice for any room. Weathered ivory or white oak can be the perfect fit for the ultimate feminine room.

Add womanly feel

Femininity is associated with softness, smooth details, and round shapes. Make sure that you incorporate enough of them in order to add a womanly feel. Think of silky materials, soft pillows, round vases, and a smooth finish, as a good starting point. Incorporate them as curtains, throw pillows, and area rugs.

Play With Texture

Introducing different textures into the home will help in the mission of creating dimension. Make sure that you use some fine and smooth materials that add to the feminity. A good way to get started is to implement cotton, silk, velvet, cashmere, and sheer materials. This will bring a finishing touch.

Tip: Incorporating Herringbone engineered wood flooring is a nice way to introduce texture. Think of it as a great base for that fluffy feminine rug. The eye-catchy pattern and fluffy texture will create a nice contrast.