How to Write an Essay on Fashion and Style

How to Write a Fashion Essay

Writing an essay can be quite a challenging task especially when you do not know what you are writing about. Essay writing requires one to be academically fortified with the necessary writing skills in order to perfect the art. However, many students find it hard to write particular essays since they do not know where to begin from whereas other students strive to do their best in order to perfect the art since it is part of their academic work. Some resort to custom writing companies for assistance with their assignments. This greatly interferes with their grades since they will not learn how to write different types of essays. Custom written essays are not of great help when you do not go through them to grasp the writing techniques used.

Main Features of a FAshion Essay

A fashion essay is written to visibly illustrate a person’s creativity in enhancing another person’s physical appearance or their personality. When asked to write about fashion, many are often clueless on what is expected in a fashion paper. Writing a fashion essay poses as a challenge to students since many are not familiar with the current trends in the fashion world. Others have less interest in the fashion industry. This makes it difficult to write such an essay since you will only write it for the sake of writing.

Features of a Fashion Essay

Like any other essay, a fashion essay also has its characteristics. This helps you to be able to draft an outline which helps in simplifying the writing process. The features of a fashion essay include:

  • Introduction

This is where you briefly or generally explain what you are writing about and enable your audience to familiarize themselves with your essay.

  • Thesis statement

A thesis statement holds the main argument of your paper which enables your audience to understand what your essay is trying to communicate.

  • Body

The body of a fashion essay helps you to further explain what your paper is about and provide proof to support your thesis statement.

  • Conclusion

This is a brief summary of what your piece of writing was about.

How to Organize a Fashion Essay

To learn how to write a fashion essay, you ought to have a clear and precise outline describing your main points and arguments. Developing an outline is indeed important as it not only helps to simplify the writing process but also makes your writing look organized. Additionally, an outline helps you draft your ideas roughly and later rewrite them clearly to make the structure of your paper more appealing. An essay becomes more readable when your structure is logically drafted and your thoughts are coherent. So, below are some tips experts from CustomEssayOrder recommend you to consider:

  • Create an outline. As stated earlier, having an outline simplifies the writing process. With the help of your thesis statement, it is easier to determine the course of your paper.
  • Begin each paragraph with a topic sentence. This helps you to clearly state an argument and provide enough proof to support it.
  • Use transition sentences. This help in connecting the paragraphs consistently and it empowers your writing with a systematic flow of thoughts.
  • Have an effective conclusion. The essence of a conclusion is that it shows the emphasis and significance of your essay.

Tips on Writing a Fashion Essay

Before writing a fashion essay, it is essential to have an idea of what you are writing about. This will reduce the difficulty in writing the paper. Below are some tips to consider when writing a fashion essay:

  • Select a topic. Pick a topic that you are conversant with. This is the important step of writing a fashion essay.
  • Write a thesis statement. This acts as the guide for your paper. It enables your audience to know what is expected in the rest of the paper.
  • Conduct ample research. Do not use the ideas of a custom essay to write your paper. Research is essential in enabling you have an idea about your paper. Additionally, it helps in the organization of your essay.
  • Brainstorm your ideas. This helps you gather more information about your topic and eventually have enough to write about.
  • Reexamine your thesis. Having done research and brainstorming, revisit your thesis statement to affirm that the information you have gathered corresponds with your thesis.

Common Mistakes when Writing a Fashion Essay

When writing an essay, students usually make some errors in their papers which is not good for their academic purposes. However, they are highly expected to avoid this errors in order to improve the quality of their essays. Some of the common mistakes include:

  • Poor introductions. Introductions started without a strong hook makes it easier for your reader(s) to lose interest in your paper.
  • Wrong placement of the thesis statement. Placing the thesis statement in the introductory paragraph helps your audience to know what comes next in the entire essay.
  • Having long paragraphs. Long paragraphs make your audience easily lose interest in your paper since it appears to have lost focus. Ensure that you have clear and brief paragraphs with enough evidence to support your arguments.
  • Poor conclusions. The conclusion of an essay ought to briefly summarize your entire paper so as to show its significance.

Fashion Essay Topics

Selecting a topic for a fashion essay can be quite intricate especially when you do not know what you are writing about. To learn how to choose a fashion essay topic, it is essential to fully comprehend what you are writing about and to have sufficient information about your topic. Some examples of fashion essay topics include:

  • Changes in the fashion industry affect our personalities.
  • The gradual change of fashion designs and their effects.
  • Becoming a fashion designer is not worth it.
  • The fashion industry brings changes in the state of the economy.
  • Fashion icons influence what we wear.
  • The evolution of fashion.
  • Uniforms are part of the fashion industry.
  • Challenges fashion designers experience.
  • The influence of fashion among teenagers.
  • The trends in fashion designs in different countries.
  • The perception people have of the modern fashion trends.


In conclusion, writing an essay on fashion and style enables you to have an idea of what the fashion industry is like. It also helps you learn different trends in fashion while also helping to enhance your writing skills. The significance of writing a fashion essay is that it helps you to understand the essence of fashion in our daily lives. Additionally, it helps you note one’s creativity in enhancing another person’s beauty.