How to Style Your Bathroom

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In this blog I will guide you while you style your bathroom. I will section this blog into different important blocks so that it can be easier for you to assess each one of these separately, and so that styling your bathroom doesn’t seem as overwhelming. But the first and most important step is to start out by looking around your bathroom and getting rid of things that don’t bring joy to you anymore, or don’t serve a purpose anymore. This can consist of decorations, broken things, products that you no longer use, or things which you can repurpose and other rooms. After that, follow this easy and simple guide and you will have the bathroom of your dreams in no time.

Keep your walls in mind

So much of the available space that we have in our homes is on our walls. By this I do not only mean decoration, but I mean that they are essential components to the style and look in our bathrooms, and they are often overlooked. So, by starting out with your focus on their walls, you will be able to transform your bathroom into the style that you wanted to be, and use your walls as a base for the rest of your decoration and styling.

Color palette

Most of the color in our bathrooms is displayed on our bathroom walls. This points to the fact that by choosing the correct color palette, and painting your walls one or two of these colors, you will beautifully bring together the look in your bathroom in one easy and simple step.

Of course, the fact that one of the main displays of color in our homes is usually our walls, means also that you must be very careful and you must pay great attention to the colors you are painting your walls, for it can make a great difference.

My pro tip is sticking to more neutral colors on your walls, for this will allow you to put pops of color throughout the room, which will accentuate the places that you are most proud of. But if you are feeling bold, and you are going for a louder style, painting one accent wall can really bring together the whole look in your bathroom. So, I highly recommend assessing the color palette and style that you would like to have in your bathroom, and painting your walls first to create a base.


A great way to bring life and vitality into your bathroom is by adding texture to your walls. This can be done in many different ways, including painting methods such as sponged paint, using stencils to create designs or patterns, using wallpaper to cover a whole wall in a beautiful design or print, tiling a wall or section of a wall, or even exposing beautiful raw brick.

The best part about textures is that the draw attention, and immediately attract the eye. This is great because you can use it to your advantage by adding texture to the one wall where you would like to accentuate or create a focal point in your bathroom. The texture on this wall will help the eyes be immediately drawn there, will add color and life to your bathroom, and will also create a beautiful focal point. So, I highly recommend exploring your options when it comes to textures and prints, etc., for it will truly transform your bathroom, and give it a personalized and well-thought-out look and style.

Art and decorations

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A great way to further personalize and stylize your bathroom is by adding pieces of art to your walls which embody and represent the style that you like and are going for in your bathroom, but also that add life and character to your bathroom.

A great way to create a flowing display of art in your bathroom is by adding a piece or two on one wall, and adding a piece or two on the next in order to create a flowing and continuous display of personalized touches throughout your bathroom; and though art is a very personal thing, I personally recommend sticking with pieces of art which are coordinated in some way or simply look good together. This will give your bathroom a more complete and thought-out look.

Carpets and rugs

A great way to add a cosy pop of color to your bathroom is by adding carpets or rugs. Carpets and rugs can add texture, color, and beautiful patterns to your bathroom, and they’re a great way to stylize your beautiful bathroom. They can both look great and also serve a purpose, as well, for they are nice and cozy in the winter, and they keep your floor cool during the summer. Also, certain drugs are waterproof, or ultra absorbent which are great for when you step out of the bath or shower, so I highly recommend looking into rugs that both look great and serve a good purpose. Also, who doesn’t like going into a bathroom that is cozy and beautiful at the same time?

Add furniture to your bathroom

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Though it may seem a bit unusual, adding key pieces of furniture to your bathroom could completely transform it, and could add a huge amount of coziness and style to your personal oasis. Most high-end and luxury establishments add key pieces of furniture to their bathrooms or powder rooms. This is because it adds an element of luxury and comfort which is not usually seen in other places. but, why can’t you do the same thing in your home?

Finding great furniture for your bathroom, such as a lounge chair and ottoman and small coffee table or a few beautiful stools, or a bench can be done for a super cheap price, and you need not worry about busting your budget for a few pieces of furniture. In fact, this is a great way to repurpose furniture that you no longer want to use and other places in your home!

Choose your light fixtures wisely

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There are so many different ways in which one can create the perfect lighting in a bathroom, and with the perfect light fixtures, the style in your bathroom will look better than ever. t

There is a wide variety of different types and styles of lighting, including floor lamps, vanity lighting, hung lights, lanterns, and even fairy lights (a.k.a. white “christmas lights”), so you will have plenty of different options to play with in your bathroom before you decide on one type or style of light fixture. So I challenge you to find the most innovative and beautiful way of storing things in your bathroom.

Rethink your storage

Storage is, of course, essential to any bathroom and home in general. But it doesn’t always have to be boring and monotonous. You can store your items in your bathroom such as linens, self care products, and any odds and ends stylish and innovative ways which look good and function perfectly. For example, if you have many beauty products which are smaller in size, purchasing a set of beautiful baskets conserve both the purpose of a storage container for your beauty products, and a decorative item for your bathroom in general. In fact, baskets are a great way to store anything for they look good and function perfectly. Other fun options include clear boxes for ultimate functionality and ease-of-use, wooden crates, or even hanging all of your items to be stored on a wall or on a decorative fixture.

Add greenery

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Yes, I know that adding plans to just about any square inch of a home is very millennial, but maybe millennials are up to something! The simple act of adding one or two plants to your bathroom could completely transform the way it looks, and could either make or break a certain style. This is all due to the fact that plans add life, light, texture, design, and color to the bathroom, so they pretty much always make a great decorative item. Plus, the freshness and vitality that plants add to a room is essential to many different styles and looks. So you can’t really go wrong when you add one or two of your favorite plants to your bathroom, and I highly recommend doing it, for you will see how quickly and how beautifully it transforms your bathroom.

Now you are practically an interior designer, and I know that styling your bathroom will be as easy as 1 2 3. So please don’t be shy, and ask any questions that you may have, for we are always here to answer your questions and clear your doubts. Also, please take a look at our beautiful bathroom products, for they are one-of-a-kind on the market today both in beauty and in price.