How To Organize Your Underwear Drawer

Hey Divas! For today I have prepared very interesting article that is called “How To Organize Your Underwear Drawer”. I hope it will be useful and you are going to find a perfect solution to organize your underwear.

I hate messy underwear drawer because I can never find the things I want. And by default I wear the newest pairs over and over because they are thrown in the front and I usually don’t have time to look for others. It is time to reorganize the chaos of your underwear drawer and to bring some order in a easy way. I have 5 interesting tips that you should follow. Enjoy and stay up to date with the contents of Fashion Diva Design!

How To Organize Your Underwear Drawer


1. Dispose of the Old Stuff

The main reason that you have messy underwear drawer is because you have too much things in it that you don’t wear. Take a look at your collection and for sure you will find a few things that you should throw away. Some of them are of sentimental value and some are just taking up space in your organizer. So, it is time to get rid of the old and useless stuff and organize the underwear drawer.

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2. Put in an order by Style

It is a good idea to group your underwear by style (if your underwear collection has many styles of course), so you can easily find whatever you are looking for. Everyday pairs should stand in front, so you can easily find them in the mornings and everything else can stand stand behind it in the drawer. It is easier when your organizer has many partitions and you can keep your underwear in place.

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3. Put in an order by Color

Other interesting idea to organize your underwear drawer is by color. If your collection of underwear is in a different colors, than you should think on a creative way to group it. The simple the better!

4. Fold!

You should fold your underwear so you can grab it easily whenever you want and make the front of the waistband to be visible too.

5. Scent it Up

It will save you an extra spray and your underwear will smell sexy and fresh. You can buy scent sachet from a store and put the sachet on the back of the drawer. Also, you can find some DIY ideas and make it at home, without spending a fortune. If you want to keep the scent fresh, you should change the sachet regularly.

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