How To Make Your Home As Stylish As Your Wardrobe

As a fashion expert, you probably walk around in the best clothes and give off a fantastic vibe. It is likely that your friends look up to you and find themselves asking where you got that shirt or dress that you are rocking. The problem is that many people spend their lives trying to keep up with the latest fashions but don’t know how to recreate this when it comes to their home. That’s why in this article we are going to give you some tips on how you can make your home as stylish as your wardrobe. We’ll talk you through essential things like choosing the right fabrics and accessorising your bathroom. Make sure that you keep reading if you want every aspect of your life to represent your interest in fashion!

Add Mirrors

One of our favourite home décor items is mirrors. They might seem pretty basic, but they work well for so many reasons. First of all, you need one to check your outfit and make sure that you are bang on trend. On the other hand, mirrors can look amazing in rooms, especially if you get a nice one and they also are great for opening up rooms. Yes, if you get yourself a big enough mirror, you can enjoy the way that your living room or bedroom looks a lot bigger than it actually is! Make sure to choose a mirror that fits in with the décor of your room as it will immediately draw the attention of your guests. You’ll love checking yourself out in the mirror that is making your home more stylish at the same time.

Choose Amazing Fabrics

Fabrics play a big part in fashion and this is also true for home décor. Some of the best curtains or pieces of furniture are chosen because they use some really lovely fabrics. If you check out Fashion Interiors, you’ll find that they have some spectacular fabrics that you can buy as curtains, blinds or even just as a roll that you can create your own styles with. Think about investing in some beautiful fabric and covering up some old cushions or furniture that is not currently adding to the look of your home. Once you have the right fabrics picked, you’ll be on track to making your home just as stylish as your wardrobe.

Accessorise The Bathroom

Many people don’t worry too much about their bathroom when they are trying to make their home look nice, but it is important to remember that this is the room that most of your guests will be visiting. You should always try to make your bathroom look stylish as there are so many different ways that you can do this. We love black and white bathrooms as they look sleek and very elegant. If you want to make your bathroom look more stylish without completely redecorating, you could consider investing in a nice towel rack and some new patterned towels. You could also get some beautiful accessories for your bathroom such as ornaments or soap dispensers. Accessories are key in the bathroom so make sure to try this out if you want to make your home as stylish as your wardrobe.

Hide Wires

This next idea is straightforward, but you wouldn’t believe the huge difference it can make to the décor of your home. When people have things like a TV, WIFI and other electrical gadgets, many wires can be hanging out around the place. You wouldn’t have your outfit looking messy so why should your living room be full of visible wires? To fix this, you should think about covering up your wires by mounting your TV on the wall or investing in a TV cabinet that lets you hide the wires. This will take the focus away from the wires, and your guests can appreciate the décor of your home.

Feature Ceiling

Another amazing way that you can make your home as stylish as your wardrobe is to create a feature ceiling. These types of ceilings are really on trend right now and if you follow your fashion trends, then you’ll want your home to match that. Feature ceilings are really easy to create, it can be as simple as painting the ceiling a bold colour or adding a design to it. Some people have even gone as far as adding things like umbrellas or baskets hanging from the ceiling in order to draw the attention of their guests. Feature walls are incredibly stylish, and if you are able to achieve this you’ll be the envy of all of your friends due to your fantastic home and wardrobe!


Making your home look amazing as a whole is not easy, but one of the easiest things to do is to add some stylish storage. Don’t fall into the trap of using old boxes to store your things if you want it to look as stylish as your wardrobe. Think about investing in some cute baskets, colourful shelves or under bed storage that is not going to be seen by your guests. Storage is critical in designing the perfect home, and if you can hide away your clutter in some smart storage boxes, then your guests will be even more impressed with your décor. Make sure to take a look online to see some of the best storage ideas and how you can make your home more on trend.

The Bedroom

Our final tip for those who want to make their home as stylish as their wardrobe is to work carefully on your bedroom. Your bedding is the perfect place for you to show off your style and finding the right one can take a little time. If you like to go for block colours in your wardrobe, then you might want to mirror this style in your bedroom. Otherwise, go for bold patterns that will show off your style. You should also add plenty of accessories in your bedroom such as candles, photos, lovely fabrics or plantation shutters if you want to make this room very stylish.

Final Verdict

Having your home represent your interest in fashion is very important. You don’t want people to come to your home expecting it to look amazing only to find that you put all of your efforts into keeping up with fashion trends and not interior design trends. It is not as hard as you might think to keep your home on trend and as long as you follow our tips, you’ll be able to get back on track in no time. Think about how you can use your fashion influences to create the most beautiful home. Don’t be afraid to get creative with fabrics and find the right design for you. We really recommend getting some mirrors that are going to make your home look a lot bigger and get some accessories for both your bathroom and your bedroom. Don’t ignore things like storage space and the idea of a feature ceiling and you’ll be able to get back on track with making your home look amazing and on trend today!