How to Keep Your Jewelry from Tarnishing

It is not uncommon for pieces of your jewelry to lose their luster as they date. Ultimately, you may be compelled to remove tarnish from your ornaments, but why wait to build a new wall while you can simply protect it from cracking? If you love jewelry and desire to maintain their original, glossy finish, have a look below at the best ways to prevent tarnish.


Clean Every Piece of Ornament Before Storage

Be sure to clean each piece of jewelry whether it is silver, gold or artificial to remove the dust, water or sweat residue, makeup, and lotion, among other elements before storing them away. You will find that a soft cloth along with mild soap and lukewarm water will get the job done correctly. But you’ll want to be on the safe side and ensure that you’re not destroying your pricey or important ornaments by conducting some research regarding the best cleaning materials and methods for your specific metal.

If cleaning the jewelry feels like a chore, catch up on some new or favorite music, listen to podcasts, or ask your family or friends to join you to keep you motivated.

Separate the Jewelry

Another surefire technique that will prevent your ornaments from losing their luster involves separating them into different portions before storing them. Put precious jewelry on one side and custom metals in another section. Place pieces comprising steel away from those made from copper. Even when all the pieces consist of precious metals, ensure to separate the silver from the gold.  

Diamond is inherently a hard metal and will undoubtedly scratch other jewelry when stored together. A straightforward way to separate your metals entails buying a Jewellery box that is divided into different sections.

Use Activated Charcoal or Silica Gel

Moisture is notoriously known for triggering tarnish. This is why you must store your favorite metallic pieces in a cool, dry place. With that said, put activated charcoal and silica gel in your jewelry storage box, especially if the weather is humid. These substances will go a long way in absorbing any moisture in your storage case.

Use a Desiccant Dehumidifier

If ever there was a prime accessory recommendation for a jewelry safe, then a desiccant dehumidifier would be it. This type of dehumidifier is inexpensive and reusable. It prevents your jewels from losing their shine, which may result from moisture, rust, and mold.

The most significant advantage with desiccants when it comes to protecting your valuables is that you don’t have to recharge them, as opposed to their compressor-based counterparts. Besides, desiccant dehumidifiers are typically compact and capable of fitting in snuggly in your constricted jewelry safe. 

While a dehumidifier may not be an absolute necessity for everyone owning jewelry, you will want to invest in one if you fall in any of the following categories:

  • Live near the coast or in an area where humidity is relatively higher
  • Frequently access your jewelry safe

Store in a Dark Place or Away from Ultra Violet Rays

Just like moisture, UV light can make your jewelry lose their sparkle. Therefore, be sure to store your ornaments in a dark, dry place, away from natural light. Ideally, find a light-proof, anti-burglary safe with a lock for your prized possessions, which will go a long way in preventing the jewels from tarnishing due to UV rays. A safe will also keep the ornaments away from your kids, your friend’s prying hands, and burglars in the event of a break-in.

Use Anti-tarnish Paper or Cloth

Have you ever heard of muslin? This is a fabric that is made for storing precious metals. This material keeps air, among other elements away, ensuring that they don’t ruin the luster on your jewelry. There is a myriad of such anti-tarnish clothes that can easily be found online or at your local crafts shop. 

Remember to separate the metals and wrap them in different anti-tarnish cloths or papers. Do not be tempted to use newspapers as an alternative to anti-tarnish wraps; the old ones are rough and contain chemicals and ink that may react with your ornaments.

Wrap Up

Employing the above steps will render protecting your jewelry from tarnishing a piece of cake.  Instead of spending loads of time attempting to remove stains from your treasured possession, you may want to prevent the tarnishing from happening in the first place. Besides, cleaning off stains isn’t always advisable; you may end up breaking your valuables or even buying a whole new set of jewelry.

Storage plays a crucial role in preventing tarnishing, which is why you need to clean your jewelry before storing them away. Also, separate your jewels according to the metals they’re comprised of and put them in a dark, dry place. You may also use silica gel, activated charcoal or a desiccant dehumidifier, and anti-tarnish fabric to maintain the shine on your jewelry pieces.

But if your valuable metals have already tarnished, simply remove the stain and use nail polish or spray lacquer paint to make the jewelry appear new. In essence, polishing prevents further oxidation and may well return the pieces to their original color.