How to find discount codes before you shop online

Although shopping online is infinitely cheaper than buying in many stores in person, prices can still leave your bank account empty.  Fortunately, the internet offers dozens of ways to save money and make shopping a little less expensive.


Here’s how to find discount codes to make shopping easier!

Search By Shop

Some stores keep digital coupons continually popping up.  Look up the store by name, and make sure that the discount you’re looking at is recent.  A 75% off coupon is exciting, but it’s useless when it’s several years old and hasn’t worked since 2018.  

The important thing here is to keep in mind that shops don’t usually advertise these coupon codes on their websites.  When looking for a Kohl’s coupon code, you need to look around more than just the Kohl’s website.

Search By Brand

If what you’re looking for is specific, and it doesn’t matter what site it’s sold on, look for the brand name.  Many sites will hold sales and coupons on particular brands, and you may find a deal on a website you wouldn’t have considered initially.  Be careful to only buy from sites you trust, and buy that deal before it closes!

Check Many Codes

Don’t settle for the first code you see!  Just because something is good doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best code out there.  Look for codes with higher percentages out, and check to see if they can be bundled with current sales if the price has a discount.  Give yourself the chance to save as much money as possible.

Wait Until The Start Of The Month

Unlike the days where the biggest coupons out there were in Sunday newspapers, most companies release their new coupon codes at the beginning of the month.  The fact that they do this doesn’t mean you won’t find a fantastic deal in the middle of the month, it just means there are more at the beginning.  If you can wait, do it.  The price of a lot of merchandise lowers with time, which means you’ll save money beyond just a coupon code.

Bundle Savings!

As I’ve said, you can bundle some codes with sales- but that’s not all!  Look for codes that will give you more than just a discount.  Some companies put out free shipping coupons– or coupons that will let you buy one item and get one free.  These deals will make your money stretch further and can make buying more worthwhile.

Be Patient

Check back in for new coupon codes every day or so if you’re not satisfied with the ones you’re finding.  If companies find their coupons aren’t moving products fast enough, they’ll put out more significant coupons to fix this.  This scheme is most visible right after holidays, where the merchandise will be 25% off for a day, then 75% off just a couple days later.  You could have paid only a third of what you did on the 25% off day if you just waited a little longer.  There’s a risk of the product selling out with this option, but holding out can score significant savings.