How To Dress Well In The Clothes You Already Have

Do you feel like you have nothing to wear, although your closer if full of clothes? We have all been at this point, but keep in mind that you can easily go out of it. This doesn’t mean that you should go out for shopping and spend lots of money. It is time to reconsider your existing pieces and become creative with them. You will discover new outfits combinations for sure, so let’s get started!



Know what you own

Sometimes, we forget that we own certain pieces. When you organize and declutter your wardrobe, take some time to check the pieces that you own. You might be surprised by all the different pieces that can be used to create various outfit combos. There is one useful trick that will help you in the process. You can download a special wardrobe app and take pictures of all the clothing items. Then, you can create outfits and save them.


Layering is the key

Don’t forget that you can always layer your pieces to create a whole new outfit. Consider dressing a white tee under a strap dress. This trend was so popular among bloggers, so you might want to give it a try. Or, you can create different outfits with cardigans.


Mix and match

Feel free to use your creativity to bring out the best from your current clothes. Think about different color combinations from the ones that you usually wear. You can layer different neutral tones for a cool look. For example, you can wear cream, beige, dark grey, and brown at the same time without looking too busy. Or on the opposite, you can go for an all-black outfit. Monochromatic looks are back, so you might want to try dressing from head to toe in the same color.


Organize your wardrobe

In most of the cases, an unorganized wardrobe is the root of all problems. When your wardrobe is cluttered or you can’t easily reach your clothing, you will face problems. The answer is to simply organize the wardrobe in a way that works for you.

After checking all of these tips, I am sure that you will make a change. Start by simply reviewing and decluttering your wardrobe, and take pictures of your clothes or ready combinations. This way, you will avoid the decision fatigue when It comes to picking an outfit. What do you think about these tips? Did you find them helpful?