How To Clean Your Beauty Tools

Hello ladies! Are you looking for a guide on how to clean your beauty tools? I have some helpful tips that you should check. Cleaning your beauty tools is extremely important. The beauty blender for example, will sit there wet. And we know that this is the perfect soil for bacteria growth. You certainly don’t want to apply bacteria straight to your face, as it can cause acne. But, keep in mind that there are other beauty tools that you should keep constantly clean. Read on and find out more!


Beauty blender

Soak the sponge with warm water. Add a few drops of shampoo and massage gently. Rinse with warm water and repeat if needed. If the sponge hasn’t been cleaned in a while, you might need to repeat for a couple of times. Leave it to airdry.



Keep in mind that you should frequently clean your hairbrush too. The scalp oils and hair products will build up over time and create a nasty layer of dirt. Use a toothpick to remove the hairs stuck. Fill a bowl with warm water and add shampoo. Clean the brush with an old toothbrush to remove any debris. Rinse and leave it to airdry. Leave it side down on a clean towel.


Makeup brushes

The most effective way to clean your make brushes is to use micellar water. Add some in a glass and swoosh the brushes. It will dissolve any residues of foundation, bronzer, or eyeshadow. Then, rinse away the residues. If you don’t have micellar water currently, you can go with soapy water as well.


Tools made of metal

Don’t forget that the metal beauty tools need cleaning as well. You might forget about your tweezers, nail clippers, nail files, and lash curlers. Wash them with shampoo and pat them dry. Another important thing that you shouldn’t forget is to disinfect the ones that come in touch with your face. Wipe the tweezers and other beauty tools with alcohol to disinfect them. Repeat this before each use.