How Being Creative is a great form of Self-Care

While applying a face mask and having a social-media detox are all forms of self-care that many opt for, there’s a new self-care craze on the block. Many millennials would have never thought of picking up knitting needles until now. Crafts like knitting and crochet, previously being thought to attract a more mature audience, but now more than ever are seeing different generations finding some joy in making! 


Studies have shown the benefits of crafts like knitting and crochet for mental health disorders like depression and anxiety. The more people knit, the calmer and better they felt – could there be a better reason to encourage you to pick up the needles? In more recent years, it’s shown it isn’t just knitting but extends to other creative hobbies like needle craft and quilting. Their therapeutic nature has been a reason many have picked up a new skill as a great form of mindfulness. These creative self-care ideas will help open your mind to fun, new ways to spend your time! 


Knitting is a great way to slow down. A project like a simple scarf is not only perfect for teaching yourself how to knit, but once you pick up the stitches, you’ll be knitting a way to a soothing rhythm. It doesn’t have to be an intricate project but something chunkier like arm knitting is such a fun craft that can create beautiful home decor. 


A hobby like crochet can be a great, affordable craft. With so many Free Crochet Patterns to choose from, and the supplies can be pretty cheap! If you want to create some fun and unique homeware pieces. What’s great about crochet is how you can personalize your makes – choose colors that work best for you and get making! Like knitting, once you’ve learned some basic crochet stitches, you will be on your way to creating beautiful projects. 

Art Journaling & Scrap booking

Gather your old magazines, newspapers, concert tickets and birthday cards and create some beautiful spreads. Collages of inspiring images, jot down some nice quotes and enjoy laying out your pictures and sticking them down. Put on a calming playlist, grab a cup of tea and see where this takes you. This is a simple creative way to be mindful and let your brain focus on something easy and fun. 


This can cover a lot! Maybe you have a piece of furniture that you want to turn into something more fun and colorful. Do you have some old t-shirts that you’ve fallen out of love with? Why not try embroidering a little design onto the front? Repurpose your old jeans into a denim bag or turn them into a cute pair of shorts. Taking something you own and giving it some much-needed love can create fantastic results that will leave you feeling more positive! 

Getting creative can help take your mind off other things that might be causing you stress. It can give you time to switch off from social media, try something new and make something lovely and personal in the process!