Hot Trends for Dresses for Bridesmaids

The wedding dress may be the focus of your wedding, but the bridesmaids dresses can either enhance or detract from your gown. Choosing the right bridesmaids dresses will create a gorgeous look for the altar and your pictures.

Exploring some of the latest trends can give you some good ideas before you start browsing your local bridal store in Toronto. Here are a few trends you might want to consider:

Single Color, Different Designs

You can keep the color scheme you want without making your bridesmaids be matchy-matchy. Just tell them the color you want and let them pick out the dress of their choice. You might want to give certain parameters — such as the length of the dress — but you should let them pick a style that makes them feel comfortable. This will also ensure that they really do get a dress that they will wear again.

One-Shoulder Dresses

Strapless gowns may still be popular among brides, but one of the latest trends for dresses for bridesmaids is the one-shoulder dress. It is elegant yet stylish, creating a twist on a classic look. The style is also flattering for many body types, which makes it versatile for your bridal party.

Black Dresses

Whether you are heading out for the night or planning your wedding, the black dress is always a classic. Black dresses are a popular choice for bridesmaids right now because they create an elegant look that is suitable for many different themes and seasons.

Your wedding doesn’t have to be on trend — it just has to be “you.” Yet considering some of the latest in bridesmaids’ dress trends can provide inspiration that will help you put together the perfect look for your big day. Consider some of these trends if they suit your taste, or use these trends to think of something more fitting for your special day.