Hair Weaves and Extensions – Your Secret to Luxurious Locks

There was a time when hair weaves and extensions could only be worn and afforded by the celebrities. Back then, the entire story of their hair not growing out of their scalp was more of a hush-hush affair about which nobody came to know. But the trend has changed and both men and women are open about their hair problems and receding hairlines. They love to express their urge to flaunt their luxurious locks which wouldn’t be possible without seeking cosmetic help. Instead of simply adding to your volume of hair, you can try using hair weaves as they have come a long way to introduce a wide array of style repertoire and Her Imports, as well as many other hair companies, offer these types of weaves at affordable prices. Apart from providing you with different styles, they also have different benefits as well. Read on the concerns of this article to know more on hair weaves and its varied benefits.

  1. You need low maintenance: You might not have a lot of time to spend behind styling your hair in different ways and you might be looking forward to some options that won’t demand enough maintenance. If you don’t want to cut short your hair, you may try wearing a hair weave as it helps you style your hair in the most perfect way, even when you’re in a hurry. For those mornings when you don’t have enough time, hair weaves are the perfect option. Hair weaves are nothing but synthetic hairs and hence they are pre-styled. All you need to do is to just fluff it and go. For vacations, weaves are also a good option as you don’t need to invest time in styling.
  2. Protective: In terms of sewn-in weaves, the hair is braided in a place which is almost touching the scalp and the extended hair is added in wefts. It is then the extended hair that goes through all the daily wear and tear thereby protecting your natural hair. Your actual hair doesn’t need to endure blow-dry from heaters, flat irons, curling irons or even from hot rollers. Weaves aren’t affected by cotton pillowcases and harsh weather. No split-ends and no dry hair for you.
  3. Minimum commitment: Hair weaves are usually designed to be worn for a short span of time, ranging from a day to a few months. Unlike a haircut where you have to wait for a long span of time and allow your hair to grow, hair weaves don’t require any kind of commitment. In case you’re not satisfied about how the hair weaves look on you, you may ask your personal hair stylist to either remove it or change it according to your needs. Don’t think that you’re stuck with one hair weave forever.

So, do you want a new color? Or do you want to see how a new cut looks on you? Do you want to try out a new look without having to cut off your hair on your own? If answered yes, hair weaves are definitely the answer for you.  Learn more about the weave industry from the video below: