Grooming Habits You Can’t Neglect

While we all understand the importance of a solid morning and nighttime skincare routine, there are more grooming habits we should never ignore. When you implement the proper grooming and techniques, you’re setting yourself up for success when it comes to anti-aging, looking and feeling confident, as well as so much more. While it’s true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, everyone looks phenomenal when they’ve taken the time to keep themselves put together. Let’s look at some of the top grooming habits you should never neglect and why they matter.

Visiting A Dermatologist

While it’s true that many of you can handle your random pimples or blackheads on your own with a blemish patch or a cream, for many of us, our acne won’t go away. By visiting a dermatologist, you can get professional help treating your unique skin type through either oral or topical prescriptions. Dermatologists can also help you with any other skin issues you may be having. Since our skin’s health is a strong indicator of our overall health and well-being, you’ll be looking radiant if you’re taking care of it!

Regular Haircuts

While people with short hair may need to see their barber or stylist once or twice a month, those with longer hair can stretch it a bit longer. But don’t go too long in between appointments! Ensuring you get your hair trimmed every six to eight weeks is a great way to keep split ends from forming and keep your hair looking healthy and luxe. Make sure you talk to your hairstylist about what type of products your hair type would benefit from so you can care for it in between appointments. Our hair can suffer a lot between blow drying, flat irons, and curling tools – so regular check-ins keep us looking groomed to perfection.

Smell So Sweet

The sense of smell is one of the most important senses we possess. On top of alerting us to potential pies burning in the oven, it can also arouse our pleasure sensors or put us in a good mood. So, after you’ve showered and put on deodorant (the more natural, the better), give yourself a spritz or two of your favorite perfume or cologne. If you struggle with scents too intense in one direction or another, opt for essential oil blends or unisex options like Initio Parfums. Just remember – don’t douse yourself! You want to be able to smell through a hug, not when you enter the room!

Dental Hygiene Is Critical

Taking care of your teeth may seem like a no-brainer, but just like so many other routine appointments, seeing your dentist twice a year for cleanings can get put on the back burner when we’re stressed or have a lot going on. Please make sure you keep those necessary appointments! Not only does the appearance of our smile affect our self-confidence, but the health of our mouths impacts our body’s overall health. Many diseases can be linked to poor dental health, like cardiovascular disease and pregnancy complications. So visit your dentist and floss every night when you brush at home!

Staying Physical Is Critical

While you may not consider exercise part of your grooming routine, it certainly is! Not only does staying physically fit keep us in our best shape, but it’s also great for our mental and emotional health. Countless studies have shown a connection between exercise and mood-boosting. So, prioritizing your physical health should be as routine as brushing your teeth. Don’t focus on an ideal body type or specific weight you think you should be – while that’s fine if you want to do it, the benefit of exercise lies more in physical strength, overall health, and your emotional wellness. The key to sticking with exercise is choosing a form you enjoy so you’ll be more likely to do it daily.

Grooming may seem like a simple concept, but it’s more complex than just brushing your hair and flossing your teeth. By going the extra mile by implementing the areas mentioned earlier you should focus on, you’ll look good. And, we all know, when we look good, we feel good. Here’s to you!