Glasses Keep Falling Off? Try These Tricks to Keep Your Glasses Secure 

Computer glasses and reading glasses should fit well and feel comfortable. Wearing loose readers means we lose out on some function and style. Thankfully, most frames only need adjusting. Our tips and tricks will make your specs feel more secure. We’ll show you how to tighten your cheaters so you can make the most of their flattering look. A few simple adjustments and helpful accessories let you avoid slipping readers or screen glasses. Now you can keep your favorite frames and feel more confident while wearing them. 

Add a Stylish Chain or Cord 

Eyeglass cords and chains always find their way back into fashion. It makes sense, because it is a bold and flattering way to secure oversized reading glasses and vintage-style frames. Plus, they’ll keep your readers secure while you study or work. Embrace the timeless versatility of the eyewear cord with a 3-in-1 style. It looks like a luxe necklace but works like a functional fashion accessory. We recommend a gold link chain or a gold bead style to match every ensemble including casual clothes and professional outfits. 

If you prefer a boho look, a beaded pebble cord with a geometric ring will inspire your carefree style. It also acts as a reading glasses holder. When you buy beaded cords, look for colors like black or turquoise. They’ll match your reading glasses frames – and the style won’t clash when you layer it with other necklaces. 

A faux leather cord is a classic choice for reading glasses of all colors. Add a natural vibe to your frames with earth tones like tan or brown. Red and navy cords offer a pop of color and look stylish for any occasion. Link chains are one of our favorite styles. Our favorites keep your reading glasses in one place, while anti-slip loops create a polished look. Recycled acrylic is among the most lightweight and eco-friendly materials. With these chains, you’ll experience modern aesthetics and all-day comfort. On-trend cord colors include gray and aqua. These hues are timeless but will still stand out when paired with stylish tops or dresses. White is another sleek color that feels luxe enough for a link chain but matches everything you wear. 

Swap Out Nose Pads 

When your reading glasses start to fall off, you can try a new set of nose pads. They may be helpful to you if your readers are loose or uncomfortable around the nose or nose bridge area. Some pads are made of soft and flexible material such as silicone to help mold to the contours of your nose. The pads can also help to keep your cheaters from slipping off your face while you work. 

You can find nose pads online and in stores. Keeping your nose pads clean can help them to stay secure on your face. Sanitizing and cleaning reading glasses will remove sweat and debris that encourage them to slip. If you have questions about the pads for your readers or blue light glasses, talk to an eye care professional. 

Tighten Your Reading Glasses 

Some temple arms need adjusting. Before you tighten your reading glasses, you can decide if your frames fit well on your face. Stand in front of a mirror, and then put on your specs. As you gaze straight ahead, check that your eyes are centered on the middle part of your lenses. The frames should rest above your cheeks and below your eyebrows. 

Do your readers keep falling down your nose? You can adjust some styles with a small screwdriver. Locate the screws at your temple corners, and then slowly and gently tighten them until you get the right fit. Metal glasses may need an adjustment at the nose pads. Carefully bend them inward to see if they feel tighter on your face. If the temple arms require adjusting, bend them down to make them more secure. 

Adjust acetate or plastic frames with the help of heat. Fill a bowl with hot water from the tap, and then dip the end of one temple arm into the water for 20-30 seconds. Once you remove it, you can bend and mold the arm for a tighter fit. Complete the process on both sides to be sure your frames are even. 

Don’t hesitate to get assistance if you’re unsure about bending your nose pads or temple arms. An eye care professional can answer questions about tightening your reading glasses. An optician can even help you adjust them. A little caution will help you preserve your frames for as long as you want to wear them.  

Consider Using Wax or Ear Grips 

Even the most well-fitting specs can slip down your face. Sweat and oils cause nose pads to slide around, which can make readers uncomfortable and inconvenient. Applying natural wax to your nose pads will prevent them from falling off your face. Travel-friendly products like wax sticks quickly create a barrier between your frames and your facial skin. Wax works with any style of readers, so they’ll feel more secure no matter your frame material. 

Ear grips are another option for frames that feel too loose on your face. These small silicone pieces attach to the tips of your temple arms, and then securely wrap around your ears. You can find soft ear grips in a variety of colors to match all styles of readers or computer glasses. 

Finding the Right Fit for Your Readers 

Readers can enhance your lifestyle, but only if they fit well. Thankfully, most loose frames only require some adjusting. Decide where your specs look uneven on your face or which parts make them fall. Some of us will need a simple and stylish accessory to enhance our reading glasses and pull off a comfortable look. Others will take a few simple steps to adjust temple arms or nose pads at home. There are so many ways to benefit from reading glasses and computer glasses while enjoying how they look. Keep up with the care and maintenance of your frames. They’ll last for as long as you want to wear them.