Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking. 8 Ways to Stand Out This Spring

We’ve all been personally victimized by the infamous Devil Wears Prada line, “Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.” But it’s hard to survive long, cold winters and not want to embrace flowery prints that make any fashionista feel radiant. However, it’s also understandable why there is a hesitation toward sporting cliche florals this season. To help, we’ve put together a style guide that refreshes the commonly-used print so you can feel vibrant, confident and unique while wearing the season’s hottest print.

As you prepare outfits for this season, look for unique takes on floral print. It may be easier to gravitate toward the typical floral tunic or sundress, but we urge you to be picky this year when selecting your next floral pieces. From being included in tiny accents to appearing alongside mix-matched patterns, florals can be a statement you can rely on to brighten any look. If you’re excited for spring, but a little worried about wearing florals when it’s still freezing outside, have no fear. These floral styling hacks can carry your floral styles from the late months of winter into spring and beyond.

Small Touches, Big Impact

When you think of florals, you probably envision large prints and bright, pastel colors, but this spring, florals will be a little more subtle. Winter floral dresses will especially be a little more low key since they do have to carry you through the colder months when clothing is usually a little more monochromatic. Look for smaller floral accents or prints that don’t quite look like florals from afar, but reveal themselves up close. Smaller floral prints are also perfect for those who aren’t completely sold on the floral trend, but want to dabble.

Monochromatic Florals

Throughout the last couple of months of winter and into early spring, try embracing more monochromatic floral pieces. These garments are very versatile as they can be worn with anything and also mix-matched with other patterns for a more sophisticated style. Aside from wearing monochromatic florals through spring, you can keep these clothes in your wardrobe for years. This basic take on vibrant flowers could also be perfect for the fashionista who isn’t sure about wearing florals or hasn’t embraced the pattern much in the past. This style is also very appealing to a seasoned fashionista who is looking to go bolder with mixing patterns and prints, which takes us to our next style hack.

Pattern Mix Up

If you’re craving a bold take on florals, search for spring floral dresses or jumpsuits that incorporate another on-trend pattern alongside florals. This mix and match mastery is a show-stopping vibe that will turn heads wherever you go. When mixing patterns with florals, stick to either black or white patterns. While your floral piece can boast color, mixing in another colored-pattern could make the look a little more messy and less polished. Polka dots and stripes pair perfectly with florals and can totally transform the look.


If you feel like most of your floral pieces are boring, incorporate pieces that are made up of see-through materials with floral embroidery. It’s a way to embrace florals and turn up radiance without coming off as cliche. If you’re looking to boost your confidence, clothing with see-through peek-a-boos may give you that extra edge! This is also a great style for the fashionista who isn’t too fond of florals, but is willing to step outside of her comfort zone from time to time.

Accessorize It Up

If you’re not big into wearing florals, but you’re also itching to indulge in the trend, try accessorizing with the popular spring pattern. From floral-embellished sleeves to kimonos and bracelets, these accents will liven up your style without making you feel too out of character. Plus, this is an extremely unique yet subtle way to incorporate the sometimes overdone trend.

Tropical Vibes

When you think about florals, most people tend to think of lilies, roses, orchids and peonies, which is what we see depicted most often on floral clothing. However, if you’re looking for a different take on the pattern, try incorporating tropical patterns for a refreshing style that makes you look like you just got back from a vacation. The girl who wears tropical florals is a totally separate and different girl from the ones who wear traditional floral. So, if you’ve sworn you’d never embrace the pattern, you may want to reconsider. Tropical florals have also been very on-trend for a few years now with no sign of slowing down. Get in while it’s hot!

Abstract Florals

This style tip is for the girls who have told themselves they would never be into florals, but have recently felt the urge to dabble in the print this season. Opt for garments that boast abstract or subtle florals. These styles can go one of two ways. There are other prints mixed in with the florals—making the floral print more subtle—or larger floral prints that are muted or covered through draping. This floral treatment will fulfill your craving without forcing you to fully commit. Plus, these whimsical styles look gorgeous on everyone.

Emphasis on Floral

If you’re a floral girl through and through, you should embrace it! However, instead of sporting your usual floral looks this season, find clothing that puts an emphasis on floral—for example, one stripe of embroidered florals or floral trim on hems or sleeves. This subtle statement is perfect for this spring. Less is more is the motto you should live by this year when embracing spring florals. Treating the print more like an accent, rather than a statement, will make you look like the ultimate fashionista, and it will give your style a leg up on other floral embracers.