Fashion Rules for Bridesmaids

In the past years, the standard outfit for all the bridesmaids in a wedding party consisted of exact matching gowns, the same dyed satin shoes, matching accessories, and similar hairstyles. Fashion rules for bridesmaids have relaxed since then, and brides are allowing for more freedom of expression.

While this is beneficial for the bridesmaids themselves, it can also create problems for a woman who yearns for stylish and beautiful wedding photography.

Choose Useful Gowns and Accessories

Many women do not have the opportunity to wear a floor-length gown in their entire lives, and one worn as a bridesmaid may have memories tied to it. However, choosing usefulness as part of the fashion rules for bridesmaids still makes sense.

Choose neutral or muted colors instead of hot pink or aqua. Knee or tea-length dresses offer more wearing possibilities. At the least, some elegant or beautifully simple jewelry can be worn again for different occasions.

Mismatched Gowns Require the Bride’s Approval

Many brides are abandoning outdated fashion rules for bridesmaids and allowing the women to choose their own gowns based on a particular style or small color range. For example, all dresses must be floor length, have two straps, and be made of chiffon, or every gown must be gray or one of four or five blue shades but could be different shapes and styles.

Whatever the parameters of gown choice, the bride must look over and approve of everything well before the wedding. The last thing she needs is more stress on the wedding day if one bridesmaid shows up in an unsuitable outfit.

Be Mindful of Different Body Types

If the bride chooses one bridesmaid dress for everyone, make sure it will be comfortable both physically and emotionally for all the women in the party. Strapless is difficult for some women to pull off, and what should have been a joyous occasion could turn into a worry-fest if your best friend is more concerned with the shortness of her skirt than the nuptials.

Ask for Fashion Concessions in Advance

The bride may love her friend with the blue spiked hair dearly and want her in the wedding party, but she doesn’t want to risk sweet Aunt Elda fainting. No matter what the reason, the bride must ask kindly for fashion concessions early if she wants one of the women to tone something down or try something outside of their comfort zone.

Be Proactive About Potential Problems

Makeup smudges, splashes of celebratory wine, or spots from happy wedding day tears can wreak havoc on a bridesmaid dress. Pretty kimono robes not only prevent potential problems but also make for wonderful bridal party gifts your friends and family.

While fashion rules for bridesmaids and groomsmen are less rigid than the “everything must match” days gone by, it is still important to present an attractive and cohesive look for the ceremony, reception, and the wedding photographs. Practice consideration and oversight to ensure fashionable bridal party style for the most important day.