Facts Of Importance About French Fashion Design

French fashion design is nowadays incredibly popular and this was the case for many years. We are faced with remarkable fashion that inspires designs in all corners of the world. Paris is now seen as the “Fashion Capital Of The World” and all you have to do is check these fashion design options to understand why.

The entire fashion industry is now looking at great designers like Balmain, Dior, Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent, Andre Courreges, Pierre Cardin, Fath and others. Early designs were particularly classic in style but they eventually ended up being quite courageous. French fashion design is basically synonymous with experimentation. Young consumers are now looking at this type of design because of everything that is offered.

The easiest ways to highlight what is present at the moment is to look at everything that is now influential for all around the world.

Space Age Design

Courreges and Pierre Cardin introduced space age designs. This is when black or silver pieces were combined and matched with white. We then had a clear influence by pop art dresses that featured stripes and some pretty trendy trouser suits. World renowned fashion designers obtain inspiration from many aspects like paintings and nature.

In French fashion designs we noticed fewer chiffon tops and high skirts with silver and white, usually featuring geometric shapes. A unique style developed in wearing helmets with skirts and even PVC boots. Ethnic influences came in from ancient Egypt and stand out as being characterized by sequined band outfits, sometimes connected with transparent silk.

A Huge Variety Of Clothes

So many French fashion designs are available at the moment. Some of the great outfits you can buy right now include beachwear, gowns, coats, capes and lounging suits. Designs for these outfits mentioned are usually market by a clear feminine sophistication and touch. Designs are going to normally emphasize the seductive woman charm and sensuality. At the same time we see the clothes portraying clear new age modern influences that are clearly independent.

Most of the French designers are members of the renowned Syndical Chamber For Haute Couture in Paris. Everyone in the group basically creates the designs we now know as being haute couture. Designs will normally cater to the private customers but there are also personalized effects that automatically become visible.


The most important thing we should highlight is that French fashion design is basically market by brilliance and innovativeness. This is a huge source of inspiration for practically all the designers in all the countries of the world. Those designers that will tell you they do not take inspiration from French designers are basically lying.

France does offer truly unique fashion designs. That is why we have to see it as the main fashion hub you can visit in the world. There is no other city that influences fashion as much as Paris. However, French fashion design can also start in other cities from other countries. Even so, the hub is the one you will see in Paris and some of the best fashion schools are located right there for a reason.