Everyday Makeup Routine That Will Save You Time

For a lot of women doing makeup on a daily basis can get boring, stressful, and definitely time-consuming. Women worldwide are trying everything they can just to speed up their ‘get ready’ process because often they are running late to their jobs, meetings, or even classes. But what if we told you that there is a way for you to get everything right, stress-free, and at a faster pace? Finally, you will get your much-needed beauty sleep, and you will still arrive to your destination all glammed up!

7 Tips That Will Help You Speed Up Your Morning Makeup Application

1. Skin Prep

Make sure your skin is cleansed and free of any impurities or dirt-build up. Take your favorite facial cleanser in the morning and make circular patting motions when working it in. Good skin prep is already 50% of the job, so make it worth your time. After your skin is cleansed moisturize it with your favorite cream. If you are all about double-purposes you can skip the cream and go straight to your tinted moisturizer. However, make sure it is very lightweight, moisturizing, radiant, and that it provides a nice glow and some type of coverage. This moisturizer will hide away any smaller imperfections, yet will keep your skin moisturized. The best part is that you don’t need to reach for any brush, your fingers will get the job done.


2. Concealer

Since you’ve played it so safe and so minimalistic with your ‘foundation’ (aka the moisturizer), make sure you treat yourself with a heavy coverage concealer. Use something that has medium coverage and apply it to your much-needed places. For most women that is underneath the eyes, but you can also apply it over your blemishes or pimples. Once you are done with the application blend the product in with your fingers and make a lot of tapping motions since this will keep the coverage level intact.

3. Set It

If you have dry skin you should play it low on powder and only set your forehead and your nose area. If you are on the oilier side you can use loose powder and set your entire face, while women with dry skin will enjoy pressed powder the most. Once you are done with move onto your bronzer and apply it to your cheekbones with an angled or contour brush. This will bring back some life and color to your face and you won’t need to reach for any other face products. No reason for heavy blush or highlighter early and bright in the morning, rather stick to some dimension and warm up your face.


4. Eyeshadow

No time to cut the lid or play around with glitters and liquid eyeliners! Simple is the key solution at this point. You should reach for your favorite Quatro shadow palette and only use light browns, nudes, pinks or white shades. These can be both shimmers and mattes, just make sure you know how to apply them. Many women prefer brown shadows in their crease, while they set the lid with some light creamy beige, nude or pink shadow, and they round up the look by applying some white shimmer into the inner corner and below their brow bone. This look won’t take you more than 3 minutes to achieve and will make your eyes pop.

5. Fake Eyelashes (Kind Of)

If you are running out of time you should skip your favorite mascara. You can end up poking your eye, which will cause tears and unnecessary melting off your makeup. Also, mascara can smear throughout the day, so it is not the best bulletproof solution in the first place. Neither are fake lashes since they can peel off during your daily activities, and it can be a living hassle to glue them back on and to play around with lash glue. What you should do in this case is be prepared with permanent lash extensions. These are a 3-4 week solution which can be done based on your preference. They are customized per your eye shape, which makes them ideal for comfy yet unique wear. The best part? They can’t fall off, smear, and they don’t demand any magical lash curlers, mascaras, or even heavy lash primers! These will look voluminous on their own, and all you have to do is brush them out with a clean spoolie each night before you go to bed. Every morning you will wake up with flawless and curly lashes, which will save you so much time in the morning. Think about it, no reason to apply any lash makeup, and you can also skip the liner since the lash band will look like a wing all on its own.


6. Eyebrows

Brows can be so hard to do in the morning, because they are sisters and not twins, you know? Make sure you are mentally prepped for them because they can be really time-consuming. The best and fastest solution in the morning is going for a tinted brow gel (or a colored mascara wand if you will). This little tool has a significant amount of color payoff, and it even provides a stronghold for your brows. Brush your brows through with this tool and enjoy them in a minimalistic, yet natural outcome throughout your day. Just make sure you’ve previously plucked them so they look clean and sharp.

7. Lipstick

Lastly, you can play it super practical and end up with a multi-purpose lip product called a cheek and lip tint. These are usually very practical since they can be used as both blush and lipstick. The color payoff is quite minimal and natural, which is exactly what you need when you are in a rush. Also, you can reach for this product all throughout the day and fix up your blush just by tapping the cheeks with it or you can sweep the color generously all over your lips. Stick with either some peach, coral or nude shades and enjoy the practical look 24/7.