Ersa Wedding Haute Couture 2013

Hey Divas, today Fashion Diva presents you Ersa Wedding Haute Couture 2013 Collection. Inspired by the fascinating process of creating each and every mirror, Ersa Atelier recreates the exact imagine of your soul and mind in handcraft designer dresses. One by one, we use different reflections of you in the silver coated pier glasses of our shop: the designer mirror combines creativity and experience with up to date fashion trends, the handcraft mirror only reflects the most exclusive fabrics and accessories carefully matched together in the perfect piece, our mot refined smirror, the unique one, honestly shows that the dress we’ve created will only reflect you.

The most recent Ersa Atelier collection reveals exclusive and sumptuous bridal gowns and designer dresses inspired by Russian aristocratic style. Combining elegant textures with solely handcraft embroidery and Swarovski crystals and pearls, the dresses recreate the noble and luxurious atmosphere of a royal ball. And when everything is perfect,  Elsa adds just a twist of magic to make it extraordinary. This is the story transformed into reality every time a dress in made. Creativity, precision, talent and hard work make every tale possible. Let’s try together yours!

Enjoy in the – Ersa Wedding Haute Couture 2013 and stay up to date with the contents of Fashion Diva Design!

Ersa Wedding Collection


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