DIY: Sponge Nails

Hey Divas! You should always take care of your hands, especially of your nails. I discovered new interesting technique and I will present you here in this post – called DIY: Sponge Nails. With this technique, which is easy and quick, you will have lovely nails every day. All you need is polish and sponge.

In the gallery below you have some images to inspire yourself. You can choose different nail polishes and make new sponge nail designs. I love “ombre” designs where the colors are spilling over. It looks awesome for every occasion and it is easy to make too. Which one is your favorite? You can leave a comment below. Enjoy in the sponge nails and follow the tutorials that will ease your life and embellish your hands. Read my contents and keep up to date with Fashion Diva Design!

Sponge Nails Technique


Wonderful Golden Nails

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Shades of Blue

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 Lovely Sponge Nails

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Colorful Nail Art


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Shades of Pink Nail Art

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Colorful Nails

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Ombre Nails

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