What Celebrities Spend on Looking Good

Have you always wondered how much it costs and how long it takes for celebrities to look so good? An online voucher code and money saving site has investigated to find out how much the likes of Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner spend on their makeup and how long it takes them to go through their beauty routines. They also searched out what impact beauty vloggers have on our buying habits and how much people in the UK spend on looking good.

According to Dolly Parton – “It costs a lot of money to look this cheap.” The UK beauty industry is booming; celebrities fuel this fire. Investigating, My Voucher Codes discovered how much our favourite celebs spend, what impact vloggers have and how much the beauty industry is worth in the UK.

Kim Kardashian

It’s unsurprising that Kim Kardashian spends so much on her beauty regime and it takes a long time for her to do her make-up. For most people, we probably on spend a fraction on products that Kim does. She uses £2,300 worth of beauty and skincare products as part of her daily beauty regime that would equate to thousands a year especially imagining that she puts her make-up on daily, maybe even multiple times a day. It’s not a quick task either, it takes at least 2hrs to do her makeup, most of us can barely spare 2 minutes. Luckily for Kim though she can also make money from make-up, the Kardashian Kollection; this make-up collaboration with her sisters Kourtney and Khloe is worth £2.82million, so that should keep her in highlighter for a while.

Kylie Jenner

Kim’s half-sister Kylie Jenner has made quite a name for herself in the beauty world. She also takes up to 2hrs to do her make-up and she also spends eye-watering sums on beauty products and make-up, using £2,800 worth, just a fraction more than her sister! Like big sister Kim, Kylie has also created her own make-up collection. She started out with Lip Kits, which have now extended into other make-up products, gaining cult status, drawn from her huge social media following. Kylie also has merchandise, clothing, books and posters with her sister Kendal, which earns her £16.5 million.

The Beauty Vloggers

Many people now tune into YouTube to watch beauty tutorials from their favourite vloggers. These videos attract millions of views for the top vloggers, who can earn a small fortune from basically talking about make-up. Michelle Phan, can earn up to £2.1million a year from her videos, thanks to her 6million channel subscribers. Then from the UK we have Zoella who has become a household name thanks to her vlogging endeavours, she can earn up to £50 thousand a month from her 4million subscribers and money making activities. Then we have Tanya Burr, another big vlogger; she can take home £20 thousand a month from her videos with endorsements and advertising to her 2.8 million channel subscribers.

For more facts and figures on the beauty industry check out the infographic below.