Can You Profit From Your Love of Fashion and Beauty?

Do you have a love of beauty and fashion trends? Do you love sharing your creativity and artistry? Then you may be on your way to a career in the fashion and beauty world. Let’s look at a few ways you can earn money from this lucrative industry. 

Makeup Artist

Photo via Flickr by franchiseopportunitiesphotos

Wouldn’t it be fun to experiment with makeup all day? Having a career as a makeup artist could be your dream job. Makeup artists are in high demand for weddings, graduations, and other special events and you could earn a nice profit from this business. 

So how do you become a makeup artist? Start by getting your certification. There are several online courses where you can become certified, or you can check with your local cosmetology school for courses. Make sure to keep up with continuing education as trends, products, and styles can change rapidly. 


Beauty and fashion blogging can be a very rewarding career. You get the opportunity to write about what you love! With great content, you can become an influencer for many people. While all of this seems like it could be an easy way to make money, blogging takes focused and diligent work. 

First, you need to find a niche to specialize in. It’s far better to narrow down what you wish to blog about than just providing general ideas on beauty and fashion. Next, pick a name for your blog and domain, then start writing. Produce quality content and add photos that are allowed for public use. 

How do you make money? You can set up ads using Google Ads or AdSense. Or, you can become an affiliate marketer. By recommending products, books, videos, and services that are part of an affiliate marking program, you can earn a percentage of that sale when someone buys. 

Blogging can be fun, but it takes time and a lot of hard work. You must write often, and use good keyword strategies to beat the competition on the web. Keep working hard and you can be quite successful!

Be an Independent Business Owner

In today’s busy world, online shopping is a huge convenience. It’s easy to sit at the computer, search for the products you want, click the payment button, and watch the packages magically appear at your door. 

Selling online does take dedicated work and it’s helpful to be a bit tech-savvy for the behind-the-scenes aspects of running an online business. When you sell online, you are creating an e-commerce site. This means you will need to set up a website where people can visit and buy your products, such as vintage clothing or homemade beauty products. You can also sell through sites such as Etsy and Shopify. Keep in mind that some sites do take a percentage of your sales, and some sites require a subscription.

You can also sell products offline. Selling within your own circle of friends is a fantastic way to earn money. Many successful entrepreneurs sell beauty products through Amway by connecting with friends and community through social media, word-of-mouth referrals, and networking at social events.

Visual Merchandiser

Do you ever walk by a clothes store and admire how beautiful the window display is? This is done by a visual merchandiser. This can be a fun and rewarding career as you will use your creativity to create compelling window and in-store displays. 

You must understand and follow fashion trends, understand how retail works, and be able to pull together an attractive style. You may also work long hours if prepping for a fashion show or promotional event, and you’re often required to work in the evenings and on weekends. If you create beautiful and artistic displays, you can create a nice profitable business for yourself.

As you can see, there are many fun ways to build a profitable career from your love of fashion and beauty. Learn your trade, stay up-to-date on all fashion and beauty trends, become tech-savvy, and learn essential business skills. You can soon be on your way to a lifelong and fulling career.