By Searching for Used Rolex Watches, You Can Finally Own This Status Symbol

A lot of people would love to own a Rolex. After all, it is a type of status symbol that speaks of true wealth. However, a Rolex is hugely expensive, meaning that most people will never be able to own one. However, in rare occasions, someone who owns a Rolex will sell it, and by purchasing a used Rolex, you can finally have that status symbol, at a price that you can afford.

A Word of Warning

Because Rolex is so popular, it has opened up a market for replica and counterfeit watches. There is a huge different between the two. A replica watch is honest about not being a Rolex and is only inspired by the design of this iconic timepiece. A counterfeit watch, by contrast, is a watch that actually pretends to be a Rolex. Although some of these watches look like the real deal, and are often priced accordingly, they are not actually a Rolex. Not just that, it is actually illegal to sell or buy counterfeit watches. If you are looking for used Rolex watches, therefore, you need to make sure that you know how to spot the real from the fake.

How to Buy a Real Used Rolex Watch

There are a number of things that will prove your used Rolex is the real deal. Firstly, it has to be a recognized line, such as the Rolex Daytona. One thing to look for is spelling mistakes. Some counterfeiters try to bypass the law by saying they actually made it clear that they were producing legitimate replicas. So, for instance, it could be called a Roleks Daitona instead.

A true Rolex will also come with a certificate of authenticity, although not everybody will have kept this certificate. Additionally, many people will feel that a certificate is easy to counterfeit as well, since it is just a piece of paper. However, the certificate will include various numbers, including the serial number, which allows you to check whether the watch is actually real. Simply visit the Rolex website to check whether you have the real watch there.

Another important issue is that a seller may expect that you don’t really know the different lines of Rolexes. Certain older models, while timeless and beautiful, are worth a lot less than the newer models. However, these will still have the same name. Hence, you also need to know in what year your Rolex was made. A Daytona that is just two years old, for instance, will be far more expensive than a Daytona that is two decades old. Yet, unless you are able to recognize the age of the timepiece, you may end up paying a nearly new price for an older watch. The first digits of the serial number refer to the age of the watch. Again, this is something you can check through the Rolex website.

Hopefully, this information will have helped you to find a used Rolex watch.