How To Buy Cool And Stylish Outfits With Limited Budget?

Indian outfits remain special to everyone and suitable for the auspicious occasion. They always remain close to our heart. Whenever a festival or function occurs, we prefer wearing stylish Indian outfits. Fashion designers design various Indian outfits for different occasions such as marriage, festival, engagement, and parties.

Cool and stylish outfits remain comfortable to wear, and many women prefer them wearing to date, parties, events and premier. Buying a dress doesn’t mean it should look boring or expensive. Dressing up smartly and looking good will increase our confidence level.

For this, you don’t have to spend money buying expensive outfits. You should shop Indian outfit that works perfectly for your body. Here are given a few tips to buy stylish outfits within your budget.


  • Buy Churidar that suits your body shape – You must buy clothes that fit you properly and looks good. You should buy clothes to replace the crappy clothing that don’t fit on you. With so many clothing options available, buy new clothes occasionally when you feel it will look good on you.
  • Organize your wardrobe – You should organize your wardrobe and keep sorting your clothes regularly. You may find out some cool outfit that may still fit for you properly. Not so often used a set of ensembles must be removed from your wardrobe. Thus, you will come to know what your style is and shop according to that.
  • Custom tailored Indian outfits – Custom tailored outfits will provide the right fit and style. Floor length Anarkali suits are perfect for every body shape. You can order a custom fit Anarkali gown online for any function. You may use them again and again instead of buying a new one.
  • Try to mix and match – Mix and match are the easiest way for working women and college girls to save money on their wardrobe. You must try numerous combinations with Kurti and bottom. You can buy tops like Kaftan online and pair them with different color leggings. Solid color leggings will match with any color tops.
  • Try creative with current wardrobe – You can turn the old clothing to new by wearing them with a statement necklace or silver bangles. If the sleeve is three-fourth or long, you may alter it to, small to give a new look. You can wear a well-fitted blazer with the top and pair them with jeans or trousers.
  • Buy clothes for everyday use – It doesn’t make sense to buy too many Indian wedding clothes every single time. You are not going to wear them on a daily basis. About 70% of your clothes should be every day outfits, the essentials you need to change on a daily basis. This could save your money.
  • Your jeans should last longer – A jeans is an outfit that doesn’t need care and attention. 2 or 3 different styles of jeans will be enough for you to pair them with Indian outfits like short tops and tunics. Denim last longer and thus you can save money.
  • Buy them online for discount – You may try out the outfit in a shop and buy them at a discount price through online. Many working women use this trick to save money. They work for shoes where comfort is important. Most comfortable shoes remain expensive, but certain brands provide discount online.
  • Buy clothes at the right time – You will save hundreds if you buy clothes during festival seasons. You will be able to buy stylish apparel at discount rate. You may check through online or newspaper to find out which all brands are offering discounts and year end sale. You can purchase an Indian outfit during the sale.
  • Take good care of your clothes – Expensive clothes and delicate fabrics should be hand washed only, and you should never put them in a washing machine. Designer wear should be dry-cleaned. Fold them properly and store them in a storage bag. Washing your ensembles less often can make them last longer. Sturdier apparel can be re-worn a few times before needing to be washed.


Almost everyone spends 2% of their hard earned money on buying clothes. Sometimes we spend more to buy designer wear for a particular occasion. Clothing gets worn out or outdated, but it is possible to make clothing last longer and spend less on new clothes.